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Diorama (2022) Ending Explained – Will Bjorn and Frida Understand?

September 6, 2022

This article is about the Netflix Diorama (2022) movie ending and will contain spoilers.

In our opinion:

Bjorn and Frida are a reasonably normal married couple. We first meet them when they are young and in the early stages of romance, they are carefree and loving. We then caught up with them as a married couple a few years later. Spontaneous lovemaking has given way to a very structured and regimented life, where both parties seem to go with the flow. As Frida herself describes it at one point, their life is simply “work, children, children, work”. Aware of the periodicity of their marriage, Frida wants to do something to shake it up, suggesting a range of solutions to Bjorn that include marriage counseling, a break, or even a threesome. He dismisses them all, preferring to sink into denial. Inevitably, their marriage fails and the rest of the film deals with how they deal with their divorce.

Netflix movie Diorama (2022) ending explained

Frida and Ben walk through a gallery comparing notes on their respective divorces. He reveals that his partner has been unfaithful to him and as a result, he has been forced to reflect on his part in the breakdown of the marriage. Frida opens up and shares her thoughts and realizes that she was never completely straight with Bjorn because she didn’t trust him to be able to handle it. Then they return home.

Bjorn also moves on and we find him with his new lover. They awkwardly have sex in a stark, poorly decorated room and he struggles to perform. The breakdown of his marriage robbed him of his trust. His partner shares his own divorce experience and Bjorn seems to realize that he misses his wife.

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In a short skit about voles, apparently voles that aren’t paired tend to sink and drown, while voles that are paired will swim for their lives. Interesting stuff.

Bjorn looks sadly out the window at his family, he has bags under his eyes and seems to have aged badly lately. He meets a couple of friends, another divorced couple, the fact that they get along well and make good parenting decisions together stands in stark contrast to his situation. They’ve developed an unconventional relationship, but it’s one that works for them. Bjorn is surprised by this but looks thoughtful.

He heads over to watch the school play with his family, he’s the happiest and happiest we’ve ever seen, and Bjorn and Frida exchange meaningful glances that at least mean they’ve reached some sort of understanding .

Just as it looks like things could be headed in a positive direction, they run into Bjorn’s abortive sex partner, and from the tension in the air, it’s clear that has disrupted things and Frida has put things back together. They awkwardly arrange to have everyone there for the cake, new partners and all. This potentially awkward arrangement runs smoothly and a voiceover plays that gives us the science that tells us humans are wired for a range of relationship types.

The children are playing and for the first time we hear about them. They discuss what appears to be their parents’ unconventional relationship dynamics, with all parties engaged in a dynamic and fluid sexual relationship. Then they all go to celebrate Christmas!

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We zoom out and our characters have been props in a demonstration, in a (you guessed it) Diorama, as the anthropologist we heard from concludes his lecture.

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