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Dickinson Season 3 Episode 8 Recap – “My Life Had Stood – One Pistol Loaded -“

December 15, 2021

This Apple TV + Dickinson Season 3 recap, episode 8, “My Gun Life -” contains spoilers.

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Dickinson has always been a show about portraying interiority, keen to express the inner life of one of the English language’s greatest wordmakers. As a result, he feels positively restrained that Dickinson has held back so far to portray a full-fledged dream streak expressing Emily’s deepest fears and directing her to a future. And thank goodness they waited until the end of the series, as it marks the culmination of the strongest half hour of the season (and possibly the series) so far.

Dickinson summary of season 3, episode 8

But first we have Fraser’s funeral. The whole town shows up, except for the visibly absent Dickinson clan. Emily shows up, supporting her father, who gives such a moving speech that even critics of Edward Dickinson are now supporting him. Even Fraser’s ghost shows up to deliver a pointed comment and peers through Emily’s “hope” statements.

And Emily tried to reunite her family, but Austin doesn’t want peace. He accuses Emily of being “daddy’s girl,” and for a moment, he’s right. After the service, the two bond and Edward surprises his daughter by announcing his intention to appoint her executor. She is delighted that he thinks she has a “healthy heart” and ability, and he is considering some of her ideas (like the granting of a scholarship). “You’ve always been loyal to me, even though I haven’t always earned it,” he says. “All I ever wanted was to make you happy.” And for a moment, the two pillars of their Dickinson family are at peace.

The sequence is interspersed with events unfolding in the south. Higginson writes his own will. He comes out of his tent in shock, finding it completely empty. Likewise, Emily is shocked when her father, despite the goodwill they have between father and daughter, nevertheless decides to leave the majority of his property to his only son. Even though the two are at a seemingly insurmountable deadlock, he’d rather stick with the status quo of the day than engage in anything drastic. Women “are too emotional,” he says, as if Austin’s recent explosions were a logical work.

Emily is disappointed with the man who a few moments ago she felt a real connection with, calling her a “scared sheep”. “You have no power to change anything… and for that reason, no one will ever care who you are.” And through her grief, she realizes that Austin was right. Despite his loyalty, his father is as short-sighted as the days in which they live.

Distraught, Emily bumps into Betty, who is too busy dealing with her own issues. She learned of the existence of Henry’s regiment, devastated by its lack of contact. She puts Emily’s problems in perspective and dismisses his weak words. “All hope has been to make me cry. ”

The end

Next, she meets Fraser, who leads her to a deep grave leading to a haunted house of all Emily’s fears. A double-track Lavinia blames Emily for being single, Austin blames her for her failed marriage, and so on. A male-dressed Sue (unlike Emily in a white dress) proclaims that Edward’s death means the two can be together, but that’s not how Emily wanted it to be. She refuses to kiss Sue, and Sue leaves, shouting that “there has never been hope for us.”

Emily tries to follow her but finds herself on a battlefield, crossed by the carriage of Death. She watches Henry’s regiment fight the Confederates. The battle itself stinks of budget constraints; when Henry towers over a soldier, his regiment sees that victory is at hand.

Suddenly, Emily is back in Amherst and after living through the darkest night, seeing victory against all odds, a bird chirps above her head. There is hope again. A real hope this time.

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