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Devil in Ohio Episode 6 Recap – “My Love and Me”

September 2, 2022

This recap of Episode 6 of the Netflix Devil in Ohio limited series, “My Love and I,” contains spoilers.

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It took until Episode 6 for the show to really flesh out the story. Mae’s family resurfaces, but Suzanne’s past finally becomes more apparent. Nothing is simple, everything is twisted, and it will surely end up hurting. Let’s recap episode 6.

Devil in Ohio summary of episode 6

Episode 6 opens with a stressed Suzanne checking on her daughter, Dani. She recovered from her allergic reaction. Meanwhile, Jules is in a car with a party boy whose identity is unknown. They have a little chat, but the boy suddenly stops the car and tells her to get out and look at the stars. There is a meteor shower.

Peter is angry with Suzanne because their daughter has disappeared. They end up arguing over their life, career, and marriage. Suzanne tells Peter that he risked the whole real estate development. But then Jules returns home, bringing relief and ending the argument.

A flashback shows Suzanne’s mother being abused by the sheriff. The sheriff was his father. Suzanne delves into her childhood with a therapist. His mother was afraid of his father. Other flashbacks show Suzanne being abused by her father, chaining her to the radiator while the heating was on. That’s where the scar on his wrist is from. Suzanne then explains to the therapist that she has abandoned the house and moved in with her extended family. She tried to bring her mother in, but she refused and died of cancer a few years later.

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The therapist wonders if Suzanne has survivor’s guilt and states that there is a little girl inside her who needs to be saved, which she projects onto Mae. Suzanne ignores this, but the therapist suggests that she explore this further.

The next day, Mae sees Jules and notices a symbol on his arm; she says it’s from Noah. The symbol freaks Mae out. Later that night, Mae follows Jules and tells him not to hang out with Noah because he’s her older brother. She begs her to stay away from him.

Detective Lopez continues to investigate Amontown. He discovers a survivor of a fire in the area during an anti-drug operation – James Dressler. He talks to a priest about James Dressler, hoping to get some answers about him. He receives few answers from the priest. However, Lopez’s persistence is working. He is getting closer to the truth.

Peter tells Suzanne that he thinks Mae had something to do with the burning down of the property he was trying to sell. He tells Suzanne she has to go and she accepts. Mae overhears this conversation and she is upset.

The end

As we near the end, we see Noah meet his father, Malachi Dodd. He updates him on the situation regarding Jules and Mae and states that he let him down. Malachi Dodd tells Noah that Lucifer chose Mae, and it’s his failure, not his. We are then entitled to another flashback; Suzanne’s mother didn’t help when she was chained to the radiator. She closed the door for him. Ouch.

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Episode 6 provides much-needed context in an episode that lets the audience feel something for the characters.

Additional Points

  • Peter talks to a fraud investigator about burning down the property he was unable to sell. He questions Mae about it, asking if it had anything to do with her or “her people”. Mae gets down on her knees and tries to beg Peter while talking in her cultish way.

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