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Devil in Ohio Episode 4 Recap – “Leaning On”

September 2, 2022

This recap of Episode 4 of the Netflix Devil in Ohio limited series, “Rely-upon,” contains spoilers.

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There are many more answers to come, but the story is heating up in Devil in Ohio with Suzanne and Detective Lopez digging deeper. They may regret having done so. Let’s recap episode 4.

Devil in Ohio summary of episode 4

Episode 4 begins with Suzanne walking through the crop field, looking for Mae. Someone grabs her, but Suzanne wakes up – it was a nightmare. She was reading a book on a cult before falling asleep. The audience again sees the scars on his wrist.

Detective Lopez continues to investigate in Amontown, taking photos from afar at the same farm Suzanne visited – he follows a van to the other farms. Meanwhile, Suzanne takes a call from a Dr. Hawkins (the author of the book she was reading) to talk about the symbol. But once Dr. Hawkins learns where Mae is from, she doesn’t want to talk on the phone anymore.

Mae hangs out with Jules, and together they shoot for the newspaper. While Jules is taking pictures of Mae, someone watches Mae nearby.

Suzanne talks to Dr. Hawkins face to face. She tells Suzanne that no one is leaving Amontown and that she must find a way to help Mae not regress as she will have been completely programmed into the cult. Suzanne thinks she needs to find someone else who managed to escape.

As Suzanne drives home, she grows increasingly paranoid about being followed. When she gets home, her husband tells her that the property he was selling fell through, so he has to do an open house again. Suzanne then talks to Mae and asks her if she knows anyone else who has left Amontown.

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Mae tells her about a young boy called Enoch who tried to leave, but Lucifer punished him for “breaking the chain.” After that conversation, Mae tells Jules that whoever “leaves, breaks the chain, and everyone suffers” before changing the subject. The two girls have a sisterhood at this point and decide to sleep in the same bed.

At school the next day, a photo of Mae, showing the scar on her back, ended up in the school newspaper. The students can see the scar and ask Mae about it. They think the column submitted by Jules and Mae is fantastic.

Suzanne calls Detective Lopez about Enoch and thinks he might still be alive. Later, Suzanne learns that a photo of Mae has circulated online of her scarred back after appearing in the school newspaper. Suzanne is worried, but Mae says she submitted this photo. Suzanne wants the photo taken down for her safety.

The end

After seeing the scar, Jules’ sister confronts her about Mae, believing she is terrible to her. But Jules becomes emotional, frustrated that his sister shunned him at school.

Detective Lopez learns that the five farms he has spotted in Amontown are set up by front companies, all linked to the same contact – William Untermyer, Esquire. The entire city was formed in 1922 and has been under jurisdiction since 1954. Lopez then states that Mae is not just an escapee from a cult; she is the daughter of their leader, Malachi Dodd.

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At the end of the episode, Mae heads outside in the rain, holding a white rose, repeating the same phrase “the chain won’t be broken.” Jules finds her outside, and Mae says, “she doesn’t want to go back,” sobbing. Jules tells her that she doesn’t need to go back. She drops the rose and goes back inside. There is a man in a van watching nearby.

While some plot points are predictable, episode 4 proves that the story can still be entertaining.

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