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Dear Edward season 1 episode 1 recap – who survived the plane crash?

February 4, 2023

Dear Edward season 1 episode 1 recap – who survived the plane crash? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 1, “Pilot,” which contains spoilers.

If you are afraid to fly, then this original apple probably won’t be for you. The “Pilot” episode of Dear Edward sets the stage for a tragic event to come, and spoiler alert, that tragic event is a devastating plane crash, shown in painful detail during the engrossing final third of this first episode. The first introduces viewers to the hapless passengers who must board this doomed flight and the hapless family members on the ground, who will soon discover the disturbing news. Prepare the tissues and prepare to cry hard, because it’s a bloody tearful.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Before takeoff, we are introduced Edward ‘Eddie’ Adler (Colin O’Brien) and his family. There is an older brother Jordan (Maxwell Jenkins), who is jealous of his younger brother’s boundless intelligence and piano skills. Their father is a teacher who homeschools both sons, while their mother is a writer. The gang moves from New York to Los Angeles to support their mother’s writing career. Eddie just wants things to stay the same and is wholeheartedly against the move. While teenager Jordan thinks this fresh start means new opportunities, and he wants to enroll in public school as soon as they land.

Who are the passengers’ friends and family?

We are also shown clips of the other passengers. There is a deputy Rose Washingtona beloved young man saying goodbye to his girlfriend, a Ghanaian actress and a businessman named Charles. These all board the plane in the usual hectic manner, alongside the Adler family. All of this is then intercut with scenes of the counterparts of the passenger’s family members. Congresswoman Washington’s granddaughter and agent, Adriana (Anna Uzele) submits his opinion just before the flight takes off. While Charles’ wife and daughter go on a birthday shopping spree, they discuss Charles’ possible infidelity.

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Eddie’s family member in the field is Aunt Lacey, played by Taylor Schilling (Orange is the new black). Lacey is going through a traumatic time herself, along with her partner John. She is desperate to get pregnant and continues to miscarry. The stress of it all affects his mental well-being. John suggests looking into adoption and Lacey turns around.

Why did Adriana quit her job?

The flashbacks dig a little deeper into Adriana and Rose’s relationship. Adriana is frustrated with the housing system and tries to convince a suicidal man called byron a new house. She begs her grandmother to use her power to make it happen and eventually Byron gets her placement. Tragically, Byron commits suicide before hearing the good news. This twisted scenario causes Adriana to lose faith in the system. Rose practically offers him the job of Congressman, but Adriana turns him down.

Back at the airport, the passengers settle in for their flight, but they head into the middle of a storm. Eddie’s mother, Joan, is at the very top in first class, located next to Congresswoman Washington, while the men are curled up in the economy seats. Jordan casually tackles a bombshell; he dumps Eddie for public school. Eddie is hurt by the news and rushes to tell his mother. The stewardess urges Eddie to sit down as they prepare for the turbulence, but Jane manages to persuade them to give her a minute.

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How do passengers say goodbye?

Eddie and his mother discuss the changes. Jane tries to explain to Eddie that Jordan wants his independence, but the son doesn’t have it. He is upset that they are moving because of work and everything is changing too quickly. He is escorted back to his seat but manages to tell his mother that he hates her before leaving. Attendants demonstrate the backup position as another clap of thunder echoes throughout the cabin. Passengers begin to panic. Charles sends a message to his wife Dee Dee (Connie Britton) that he loves her and that he is sorry. Jane sends the same message to her sister Lacey.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 1 Ending

It’s an emotional finale as the passengers brace for impact. Jane ignores the warnings and rushes to her family but is forced to sit down. The Captain calls for an emergency landing, they have a dual engine failure at this point. Each passenger prepares, thinking back to past memories. Jane remembers giving birth and the boys remember being at the beach one day. It’s a tearful montage as the plane crashes into the ground.

The scene cuts to a seedy house and a man smoking drugs gets a call about the accident. He is one of the first rescuers on the spot. The unnamed man scours the wreckage, finding dead bodies and burnt limbs. This interferes with family members hearing or seeing the news of the plane crash. Dee Dee breaks down at a train station, Adriana attends Byron’s funeral, while Lacey catches the latest news on a TV screen at a gas station. The rescuer finds a piece of the wreckage isolated from the rest, then he hears a voice. There is a survivor. He rushes over and finds Eddie still alive, badly injured in the wreckage. He appears to be the sole survivor of this devastating tragedy.

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Dear Edward season 1 episode 1 recap – who survived the plane crash? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.