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Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – What’s Blacklisting Hae-e?

January 23, 2023

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 4 Episode 4 Recap – What’s Blacklisting Hae-e? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 4, “Arithmetic Sequence Revolt,” which contains spoilers.

There’s a lot to be said for getting out of Crash course in romance episode four. For a, Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) will offer Hae-e the chance of private lessons, presumably in exchange for meals in restaurants in Haeng-seon. But above all, the identity of the hooded killer continues to remain secret, as do his intentions. Is he working on behalf of Chi-yeol’s best interests? Or is he just out to undermine anyone in his path as part of his own personal mission to harm the star tutor.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

As Chi-yeol becomes dazed from the events of the previous night, Haeng Seon regrets her drunken display, to the point that she avoids the star tutor when he enters her shop. When the two do finally talk, it’s awkwardly lighthearted, with the former handball player claiming she doesn’t remember what she did and the academy instructor seeing through her act.

During a reunion with other mothers, Haeng-seon begins to endear himself, subtly disappointing su hui. Then when the lawyer Seo-jin arrives late, a tense air descends on the group, especially when she is particularly eager to drink the beer offered to her. Somewhere else, su-a becomes panicked by two accepted-as-correct answers to a question on an exam, desperate to maintain her top spot.

When Su-hui tries to warn Seo-jin not to “go overboard” with her child’s studies, since it might cause resentment, the lawyer retorts by accusing the college influencer of being “ignorant ”. What follows is an extremely biting back-and-forth, concluded by Sun-jae’s mother leaving the gathering, not denying that she despises other parents because of her own status and firmly believing she will never see her again. Su-hui.

After Haeng-seon reports what she saw Yeongju, stunned by the immaturity of All care programs mothers, Hae-e returns home with the good news of her final math pass. The girl isn’t resting on her laurels either, proclaiming that she plans to “study hard and become the top student in the country for CSAT.” However, part of this grand plan doesn’t fill Haeng-seon with joy, given that her niece also wants to appear on the news, hoping her biological mother will see her there.

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While the flippant Su-a scolds Hae-e for dropping to level two in English, Su-hui meets Young-min’s mother. Here, the academic influencer feels like she’s found an opportunity to have someone relegated from the All care programs so that the lowest performing student can enter. Meanwhile, Haeng-seon invites Chi-yeol to Hae-e’s celebratory meal.

After Su-hui smooths things over with Seo-jin, she instantly tries to get the lawyer’s approval to put Young-min in the All care programs as opposed to Hae-e. Initially, Sun-jae’s mother wants nothing to do with the scheme, but when she spots her son hanging out with his close friend, she changes her mind, suddenly open to the idea of ​​such drastic action. .

With the news circulating that Hae-e has been “disqualified” from the All care programs, everyone is looking for answers. Haeng-seon is particularly furious, pointing out the absurdity of the academy’s apparent rule that eligible students must have attended every star tutor lesson. Later, Hae-e acts tough in front of her family, assuring them that she doesn’t need to attend a “sticky” program to get good grades, but breaks down when alone. .

Furious at the headmaster’s “sleazy” actions, Chi-yeol decides he will refuse to teach in the All care programs, indifferent to tenuous threats of legal action. As we see in his explanation to Dong-hui, the math professor decided to stand firm to see if the academy changes its stance, assuming that if things stay the same, it will show their “corruption.”

In a game of dodgeball, the bitter Su-a takes things too far, causing a dejected Hae-e to bleed from the nose with her ferocious throw. Meanwhile, Su-hui asks Haeng-seon to leave the All treatments group chat, urging the store owner to quit her business, looking determined. It turns out that the former handball player decided to take drastic measures, using a megaphone to publicly request a meeting with the director of Pride.

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Despite the director’s hospitalization — he hit a trolley in his attempts to avoid Haeng-seon — Hae-e’s aunt remains determined to meet him after he’s released. However, the figurehead of Pride is ready to respond sternly, asking his assistant to blacklist Hae-e and report his aunt for obstructing business, hoping this will draw public opinion to his side.

Fortunately, Chi-yeol gets involved before the police, keeping Haeng-seon out of trouble. Here, the star tutor reveals that Hae-e is now blacklisted, frustrated that the side dish shop owner threw “straws against the wind.” Clearly though, Chi-yeol wishes she could do more to help, even in the face of Haeng-seon’s protests that she won’t “concern” him anymore.

After Haeng-seon rejects a large order from Pride Academy, she decides to personally blacklist anyone affiliated with the institute from her shop. Elsewhere, Chi-yeol seems to hesitate when Su-a and co. implore him to rethink his stance on abandoning the All care programs.

Unsurprisingly, Chi-yeol finds herself affected by the ban on The best bench of the country. He becomes bad-tempered with his colleagues, follows the movements of his lessons and admits to his adviser that he is now “lethargic, sensitive and seeing things”. The tutor is told that it may all stem from his guilt, however, as he is unable to leave the students on the All care programs down, but also wants to right the “injustice” around Hae-e’s blacklist.

When he is expelled from class for being late, Gun-hu receives important advice from Jong-ryeol, centered on how the 18-year-old should “seriously consider” what he wants to do in the future, given that he may have to retire from hockey. Meanwhile, Chi-yeol reflects on her adviser’s words as she prepares for the start of the All care programsand Haeng-seon solemnly reflects on both his banning of clients from Pride Academy, as well as his niece’s potential academic problems.

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Following Gun-hu’s request to have Hae-e teach him how to study, we skip to the beginning of the All care programs. Chi-yeol surprisingly struggles here, having to answer one of her own questions again. Although the tutor defends himself when he makes fun of young-min, expelling the smug youngster from his lesson. In due course, this also gives the academy instructor an opportunity, as he realizes that Hae-e should be there instead of his “aggressive” classmate.

Continuing, Young-min complains to a friend about his experiences, contenting himself with posting his views on in hopes that it will gain momentum. The smug young man goes on to say that he would quit the program entirely if it weren’t for his mother, who pulled so many strings that someone else got fired. This, according to Young-min, is the model of what he wants to be in the future, “cutting” others. Ominously here, a hooded man listens intently in the background.

The ending explained

As Young-min finds himself targeted by silver bullets, unable to escape the danger of the hooded man, we see that he has likely fallen off a balcony. Meanwhile, Chi-yeol shows up to declare that he will teach Hae-e privately, and the episode ends with the star tutor preparing to tell Haeng-seon his “only condition” for such a privilege. .

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Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 4 Episode 4 Recap – What’s Blacklisting Hae-e? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.