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Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

January 22, 2023

The Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 3 Episode 3 Recap appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 3, “Number of Results Where Dislike Becomes Like,” which contains spoilers.

Although laborious at times, this episode of Crash course in romance gave viewers a lot in the form of plot progression. There are still plenty of questions, like who broke Haeng-seon’s window and who was specifically aiming, but there were just as many interesting development points that should help the show move forward. In particular, the seething rivalry between su-a and Hae-e looks like that might be one of the show’s highlights.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

After arguing with Haeng Seon on the incident involving Jae-woo’s phone, Chi-yeol alleges to police that he may have been the target of the incident at the Nation’s Best Banchan because of his popularity. However, as we see, no progress is made in the investigation, and no potential leads are found. Although Chi-yeol is intimately convinced that he can trace the origin of the bullet if it had been fired from a moving car.

As Haeng-seon regrets his recent bad luck, shelling out a large sum to repair his broken window, Chi-yeol finds himself disappointed by the lack of CCTV nearby. The best banchan in the country. Next, we watch scenes of Hae-e happily studying at the academy, thanks in part to her aunt’s dedication to securing a good spot for her.

As things remain tense between Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol whenever they interact, Su-a begins to believe that the academy is “too easy” for her. Thereby, su hui decides that she will try to help her daughter by trying to persuade the manager of Pride to move the Medical School All Care Program (described as “a class of seven students taught by star teachers”) until the summer. In exchange, the self-proclaimed influencer will tell other moms about the academy’s classes.

When Haeng-seon inadvertently soaks Chi-yeol in cleansing water, things get awkward. Not just because the store owner suggests she dry the tutor’s clothes, but because Hae-e returns home, wondering why her academy instructor is where he is. At this point, Chi-yeol chooses to leave quietly.

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Afterwards, Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol struggle to believe in each other’s identities, sharing similar beliefs that they both should have been nicer. The former regrets being so distant from Hae-e’s famous tutor, the latter lamenting the fact that he should have been “more careful” with the owner of the side store, given that she is his student’s mother, who could use to “mean” him.

Despite fears that Haeng-seon requested a meeting for negative reasons, such as suing him, Chi-yeol faces the woman who was once an underage adversary. It’s a good job he does, too, as the pair completely clear the air, removing the animosity they had for each other with gifted food and hyperbolic apologies. Going forward, Chi-yeol pledges to “become a regular” at The best banchan in the country to “repay” Haeng-seon.

After agreeing to the All care programs to skip the summer, as long as he gets enamel blackboards for his class, Chi-yeol walks out of the meeting with the Pride principal. As he leaves, the tutor sees old acquaintances, all delighted to share a drink with the usually busy man. Or at least that seems to be the case until Chi-yeol overhears her so-called friends complaining about her selfish attitude later on. So all the deflated academy instructor does is pay for the meals from the table and quietly leave, probably to the contentment of Jong-ryeol principally.

After Chi-yeol compounds his disappointment at seeing his co-workers enjoying their time away from him, we move on to the next day. Here, Haeng-seon receives a number of gifts from her new regular client, including the phone she initially turned down. Elsewhere, Chi-yeol reveals to his assistant that the reason he accepted the principal’s request wasn’t actually for the blackboards, but rather to distinguish students who are at a higher level from their peers.

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In an effort to use her grip, Su-hui calls Seo-jin to let her know that the level test will take place tomorrow, hoping that the lawyer will share with her some of the previous exams. Sun-jae’s mother isn’t interested in any alliances, however, but gives someone a call, promising that she’ll give them the materials they need to make their plan succeed. Afterwards, Seo-jin finds herself embroiled in an argument with her husband, who isn’t returning to the family home just yet, and thinks his wife’s relentless focus on their schoolwork is “suffocating,” especially for him. Hui Jae.

As Hae-e is convinced by Haeng-seon to take the level test, Chi-yeol challenges her colleagues to finalize the exam, as well as the parent information session. Meanwhile, the owner of the side dish shop gets wind of the star tutor’s busy schedule and so prepares food for him to deliver.

When Sun-jae shares some of the earlier level tests with Hae-e, his mother is frustrated, appalled that her son is potentially giving a “competitor” an edge. “You terrify me sometimes,” the student says in the heat of the moment, equally disappointed in Seo-jin, and unsure of the type of person she wants him to become. “Concentrate only on your studies”, is the disappointed answer of the lawyer, before she wonders where her other son is going at such a late hour of the night.

Following her failed attempt to deliver food to Chi-yeol – the tutor was far too concerned and frustrated with the way the level test was written – Haeng-seon confides in his relatives. “He didn’t have to humiliate me like that,” the store owner says, disappointed that her initial perception of the academy instructor as a “two-faced idiot” was the correct one, even if Young-ju insists that his attitude may have been due to his stress.

As a panicked Sun-jae has to deal with his hospitalized mother, who needed her stomach pumped for mixing sleeping pills with alcohol, everyone prepares for the level test and information session for parents. Notably, Chi-yeol swallows her pride and accepts a motorcycle lift from Haeng-seon, accepting that he cannot sprint to the academy.

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Luckily, Sun-jae makes it to the exam hall in time, thanks to Hae-e’s delay tactics, and Haeng-seon arrives at the parents’ briefing to hear Chi-yeol say that the students will need him. to enter medical school (a perfect score in mathematics is required).

Continuing, Haeng-seon is soon overjoyed to learn that Hae-e has entered the All care programs, celebrating the news alongside Yeong-ju and Jae-woo. Meanwhile, Su-a gets jealous that her college opponent achieved the same feat as her, looking at Hae-e and Sun-jae’s excitement (a lawyer’s son will also enter the program) with a bitter facial expression. . Next, we’re introduced to Seo Geon-hu, the unique student who saves Hae-e from a potentially dangerous fall with just one leg outstretched. Somewhat enigmatically, all we know so far is that the weak participant is an ice hockey player and cannot remember the names of his comrades, no matter how common.

The ending explained

As Haeng-seon goes drinking with Yeong-ju, admitting she’s getting “ambitious” about her niece’s academic potential, teenage cigarette smoker Young-min receives a call from her disappointed mother, who claims that she will solve her education problem. problems. Elsewhere, Chi-yeol decides to take a walk, satisfied that her potential ally is celebrating Hae-e’s good news instead of running her shop. Then, the episode ends with Haeng-seon, drunk and excited, kissing the star math teacher, as soon as she meets him.

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The Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 3 Episode 3 Recap appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.