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Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

February 13, 2023

The Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 10 Episode 10 Recap appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 10, “Emotion, the Relationship-Altering Variable,” which contains spoilers.

After a steady start to the season, Crash course in romance really picked up the pace here with a great tenth installment. The plot about the killer – who may not be Hui Jae now – moved forward, Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho) begins to make some important decisions, and the ending shows there’s hope for the star tutor’s love life, too. Add to that the generally breezy charm that makes this series appealing in the first place, and there seems to be an exciting formula in place now for the remaining six episodes.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The repercussions of Chi-yeol’s appearance on the talk show

As a result of what happened on the talk show, Haeng Seon discusses the situation with Chi-yeol, wondering if he only said what he did out of pity. “I like you” is the star tutor’s scathing response, but he sadly adds that he will put an end to feelings he thinks he shouldn’t harbor. This, unfortunately, leaves Haeng-seon too stunned to speak or follow Chi-yeol on her way out.

The next day, everyone in academia seems upset about Chi-yeol. Donghui gives him the cold shoulder in the car, parents try to cancel his classes, and students protest outside Pride Academy, claiming they’ve been “abandoned” by the star tutor. As the youngsters go so far as to burn Chi-yeol’s books, it seems her talk show confession has serious repercussions.

As su hui group gossip about Chi-yeol, and the lead suggests Song Jun-ho as a replacement for the star tutor their children previously gleaned, Seo-jin wants to know if this “good replacement” can actually be confirmed. Mi-ok, however, has different priorities, asking in vain if her friend will apologize to Haeng-seon so she can buy side dishes again without feeling awkward. In parallel, Young-ju attempts to convince the side dish shop owner that it would be okay to tell Chi-yeol the truth about Hae-e and that she should admit that she has feelings for him too.

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As people start to come back to The best banchan in the country, giving Haeng-seon food for thought as to whether she really is “too different” from Chi-yeol, Seo-jin is unable to communicate with Hui-jae, who has been locked in her room for several days. Elsewhere, the director of Pride Academy Jun-blood cynically sends his star tutor on a two-week hiatus so he can quietly set the wheels in motion for a meeting with potential replacement Song Jun-ho.

Chi-yeol struggles with her feelings and her life

Soon the news starts leaking about Yi-sang died when his abandoned body was found in a river. Particularly intrigued by this death is Detective Jung-soo, who believes the metal ball found in the teacher’s pocket was a message from the alleged murderer. In the meantime, Geon-hu broadcasts school gossip about Chi-yeol’s love for Haeng-seon, Jae woo is forced to stop calling the star tutor, and Hae-e reflects on her aunt’s love life.

In the midst of her loneliness, Chi-yeol awkwardly drinks with Jong-ryeol, with the former admitting he’s an “idiot” for not knowing the truth of 12 years ago and seemingly ruining the success bestowed on him. Yet such candor does not go unnoticed, with the school teacher finally easing the animosity he has towards his former close friend.

At the climax of Chi-yeol’s drinking night, Jae-woo is tasked with helping get the star tutor to bed, which he happily does. Interestingly, the academy instructor here has a drunken dream of kissing Haeng-seon, who he’s obviously still deeply attached to, to the point that he keeps using the catchphrase “cripes.” Incidentally, Dong-hui spends his day growing increasingly frustrated that he can’t reach Chi-yeol to discuss an article calling him an “adultery star”, eventually causing him to throw his phone on the floor.

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With an upset Dong-hui even more deflated that Chi-yeol hasn’t been in touch with Haeng-seon either, the side dish shop owner tries unsuccessfully to reach out to the star tutor.” off the radar”. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong. It’s just that the academy instructor chose to enjoy some private fishing time in Gimpo.

Realizing the emotions she is feeling, Haeng-seon tracks down Chi-yeol and admits that she was worried about him. So the star tutor demands that he be “entitled to a meal”, one at Su-ja’s Chueotang. Here, Chi-yeol is open about the fact that her “savior” is Haeng-seon’s mother, a revelation that allows her to hear that he was considered “like a son” to the now-deceased restaurateur. “I owe him so much,” the star tutor later adds, reminiscing about how he wanted to show Yeong-seon its successes but never had the opportunity.

Unfortunately, Chi-yeol then tells Haeng-seon that he thinks he was just “confused”, mixing his gratitude towards his mother (and his shock at the coincidence) with what he thought were romantic feelings. So the ensuing car ride is extremely inconvenient, and the side dish shop owner is clearly discouraged, wanting to go so far as to pay full rent on his property from now on.

Now Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon have tears in their eyes. The first is because he lied about his feelings, and the second is because she trusts the lie. “My heart is torn to shreds,” Haeng-seon says to Yeong-ju, crying into the shirt of her friend as Hae-e looks on from inside.

Resignation and police investigations

Back from her hiatus, Chi-yeol finds herself with very few staff (they’ve found jobs elsewhere) but nonetheless with renewed energy. The star tutor even chooses to memorize the names of his two remaining colleagues, but that vigor is soon dampened when the academy instructor discovers he’s been relegated to a small room thanks to the arrival of upstart. Song Jun-ho.

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As police search for evidence that could link Yi-sang’s death to Young-min’s, worrying viewers Mr. Lee, Chi-yeol decides to quit Pride Academy, unconcerned with the justifications for Song Jun-ho’s appointment to appease the upset mothers. Oddly enough, in this scene, Detective Song notes that Dong-hui looks familiar to him.

Upon hearing the news of Chi-yeol’s resignation, Hae-e seems determined, chasing his car as he tries to act like he only coincidentally appeared in front of him. The best banchan in the country. Elsewhere, Seo-jin is questioned by her husband about whether The Pride Academy is safe for Sun-jae given that a student and teacher there were killed by metal balls. Panicked, the lawyer instantly tries to get in touch with Hui-jae to get answers from him, but has no luck.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 10 Ending Explained

As Mr. popular bursts into the academy to grill Chi-yeol over her private life (and her resignation), Hae-e intervenes, telling the streamer’s audience that there is no “scandal” between the star tutor and Haeng- seon. “She’s my aunt and she’s single,” the student says, clearing up confusion about the academy instructor’s alleged affair with a married woman by simply stating that it’s a “romance ”. With that in mind, the episode ends by focusing on the tempered reactions of Chi-yeol as well as Haeng-seon, who watches the stream.

Nevertheless, there is a quick epilogue, which shows that the star tutor’s passionate kiss with Haeng-seon was no dream at all.

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The Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 10 Episode 10 Recap appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.