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Chocolate school review – tantalizing masterpiece

November 27, 2021

Netflix has dropped its first season of a new real chocolate art show that will leave you mesmerized and craving something sweet. School of Chocolate is a candy-focused reality contest where eight contestants will take their skills to the next level to win $ 100,000. It’s life and career changing money, it could help applicants open their own restaurants, so the stakes are high. Not to mention the distinction of being crowned winner of the chocolate school.

Now who doesn’t love chocolate? I’m such a fan of these shows where these amazingly talented people can make awesome chocolate sculptures. Sometimes they’re so realistic it’s pretty amazing.

This pastry fair is run by Amaury Guichon, a famous chocolatier who has been working in the pastry industry for 17 years and founded his own Pastry Academy. A very charming and interesting host. His accent is as dreamy as his creations. Applicants are fun, talented, eager to learn, and have a healthy competitive edge to gain.

There are eight 45-minute episodes, which makes for a great binge watch. Each episode consists of solo activities that test the technical skills of the participants, but there are also group challenges focused on co-op. What differentiates this series from the others is that in each episode we witness a physical demonstration of Guichon. It made me want to go to my kitchen and give it a try. Which I didn’t do because let’s let the professional bakers show off and don’t let me or my house burn down.

This series is as much about learning how to work with chocolate as it is about a competition to find out who is the best to work with chocolate. I found this series to be a great example of the baking industry. Each competitor wears a clean white cooking uniform, the design of each station being the same, which gives this series a refined and chic vibe. Great British Bake-off . As Hell’s Kitchen but without swearing.

It’s something you can watch as a family or alone, you can focus, or you can have it in the background. So all in all, this series is a captivating and creative chocolate delight. With ups and downs, delicacies and drama, this show will feed your dose of baking series. You will appreciate this if you like the cooking programs of The Great British Bake-Offnailed down, Bake Squad, and Hell’s Kitchen.

You can stream School of Chocolate exclusively on Netflix.

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