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Chicago Party Aunt season 2 review – time to hang up the party shoes

December 30, 2022

The post Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Review – Time to Hang Up the Party Shoes appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We are reviewing the Netflix series Chicago Party Aunt Season 2, which contains no spoilers.

The growth of adult animation series continues and does not stop, with chicago celebrates aunt get a second season. Although the “first part, second part” thing that a lot of shows do lately makes me think that they know the show isn’t strong enough to have sixteen episodes in one season, so they cut it. Each season has eight episodes, and each is between twenty and twenty-five minutes long, so it’s a quick watch.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

This animated adult sitcom is inspired by the creator by Chris Witaske Twitter account. Season 1, which aired in September 2021, received mixed reviews from audiences, saying it had comedic moments, but the plot, art style, and characters lacked substance. Let’s see what Season 2 has to offer.

Chicago Party Aunt is the story of Diane Dunbrowski, who is known to be the life of any party in Chicago. Diane is wild, but also kind, compassionate and ready to help others. That’s why her nephew Daniel, who has taken a break from high school, comes to live with her, and as the seasons pass, we see their light-hearted journey and adventures in which the two get involved. In season two, we start off with a brand new year in beautiful Chicago, and we’re thrust right into Diane’s party and booze lifestyle.

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Chicago Party Aunt characters are voiced by famous television personalities such as Laurence Ashand Rory O’Malley, drag queen and television presenter RuPaul voice Gideonand series creator Chris Witaske plays kurt. The voice acting is very good, there is clear diction and distinction between the characters, which I really appreciate. Screams, screams, swear words, cackling laughter and dramatic orchestral background music, there’s a lot going on in every episode. However, it’s not funny, but there are sections that can make you laugh and smile.

Diane has clearly been a party girl and now her personal and professional life is turned upside down. As she tries to hold on to past parties and lifestyle, it is interrupted when she has to wear a breathalyzer and undergoes court-ordered sobriety tests, not allowing her to drink (for four days) . and boring. The character really doesn’t have any type of arc, and after 3-4 episodes everything looks very similar. In other episodes, we see Diane using dating apps, her nephew Daniel hiding his relationship, mammograms, and starting a business.

Is Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 any good?

Not really – if you were a fan of the first season, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and even if you weren’t, it’s worth watching for the slate. For viewers who are new to this series, there are better and more fun adult animations to watch. For me, Diane is a character that resembles Marmite (love her or hate her). She’s that crazy, unpredictable person in your life that you love but also fear. The character isn’t strong or diverse enough for this series to have longevity. I feel like this series tried to ride the wave of adult animation since it’s so popular right now, but I’ll be surprised if it gets a part 3 or 4.

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What did you think of season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt? Comments below.

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The post Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Review – Time to Hang Up the Party Shoes appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.