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Chance (2022) ending explained – will Sam help Hazel find her forever family?

August 5, 2022

This article is about the Apple TV+ movie Luck (2022) ending and will contain spoilers.

Stable cut ready Film critic MN Miller states:Chance could have been something special, but its filmmakers’ lack of imagination traps the film from the start.

Chance tells the story of a young woman, Sam Greenfield (voiced by Easter Sunday’s Eva Noblezada). She is an orphan and is about to turn 18 tomorrow. Sam had a stroke of bad luck in his brief stay on earth. Can you imagine growing up in an orphanage and never finding a family? A “forever” family, as she puts it. She does not want to leave and plans to visit frequently. Why? Because she became the big sister of the youngest resident, Hazel (Adelynn Spoon). More importantly, Sam wants to be there for her tomorrow because she has an appointment with a potential family to adopt her. However, they moved her and placed her in a new residence.

While alone, Sam starts a job but breaks things by bumping into them, or they fall on top of each other. If Sam tries to make breakfast, the toast she spreads jelly on will never end up on her plate and will always be on a dirty surface with the sticky side down. She is sad and lonely. Then one evening, while trying to find a table at a local cafe, she sits down on the sidewalk to eat and comes across a black Scottish cat. How does she know that? Well, that’s because Bob (his name and voice is by Simon Pegg) talks to him. He left a lucky coin the night before, which changed Sam’s luck, but she quickly flushed it down the toilet. When Bob realizes the coin is missing, he returns to Lucky Land and Sam unknowingly follows him,

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Bob must return the coin when he reports to the home base. He dresses Sam in an elf costume and puts on a button as a replacement for the coin, and no one is the wiser – until later. The Captain (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg) finds the button and the piece is missing. If anyone finds out that Sam isn’t a real elf, she won’t be allowed to go home. Also, if they don’t replace the part, Bob could be sent to Bad Luck. Yes, it’s true. Like the Upside Down in stranger thingsthis land is under Good Luck.

Apple TV+ Movie Luck (2022) ending explained

Sam wants the room for Hazel so she can find a forever family. When they find a coin, even the lucky ones lose the shiny piece of metal. They risk exposing Sam as a human by enlisting the help of Jeff (Flula Borg), an exuberant unicorn who invented a luck dispenser in the Land of Between, and Babe the Dragon (Jane Fonda ), and happy-go-lucky CEO of Good Luck. When they find a coin, Sam gives it to Bob because of the help he gave. Sam is also allowed to see Hazel’s meeting with potential family, which ends with her not finding her forever family.

Afterwards, Sam and Bob accidentally ruin Jeff’s Luck Filter System, causing the land of Babe the Dragon to become dull, dark, and ominous. We then discover that Bob is unlucky. He’s a black British cat who’s been given a lucky coin and has been pretending to be lucky the whole time. She blames Sam for this, but the fake elf/orphan has a plan. To search for lucky crystals in the land of Bad Luck, they find them and learn more about themselves when it comes to fitting them and returning them to Babe. She spits fire on the two piles of green and purple crystals. However, it creates good then bad instead of creating two separate stones. Why? She still wants to perpetuate a self-destructive ideology.

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Sam wants to stop Babe because she learned that bad luck helps. How? Individuals develop a sense of means and resilience (which most orphans experience). She convinces Babe of this, and now the two worlds coexist together. Bob has a choice of where he would like to live. He chooses to spend his remaining days living with Sam on earth. The film ends with Hazel finding her new parents. She continues a relationship with Sam. Her new parents allow her to sleep with Sam and Bob at their house. Thus, they found their “forever family”.

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