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Central Park season 3, episode 6 recap – “A matter of life and beef”

September 30, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, recap of episode 6 – “A matter of life and beef”, contains spoilers.

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We had a fun episode last week on central park. First, we taught Owen that he might not be a great friend. Then Abby struggled to find a job. Finally, the pieces came together for Owen to impress the mayor. I can’t wait to see what awaits us this week. Let’s dive into it.

central park summary of season 3, episode 6

The show begins with Abby making a big breakfast because she’s trying to butter Paige and Owen. As she’s about to share, she has an exciting new job, but she works for Bitsy, who we know isn’t a loved one in the Tillman family. Paige and Owen arrive at the table and Abby delivers the big news. Paige realizes she’s onto something. Cole blurts out that Abby works for Bitsy and Paige freaks out a bit. However, Abby convinces them to come to dinner tonight.

We cut to my two favorite characters, Bitsy and Helen, where we see Helen waking up to Bitsy telling her that someone ordered the prime rib. Birdie breaks down what precisely prime rib is. It’s a $20,000 steak that Bitsy added to the menu because she wanted to elevate the Brandenham rep. Once she serves this steak, she will become the enemy of every restaurant in town. With this ordered for dinner tonight and the Tillman family to come, we know this isn’t going to end well for anyone.

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Birdie breaks into a song about what makes prime rib so special, followed by an aide from Abby joining in the song to let the Tillmans know why tonight is going to be so special. Dinner has started and the Tillmans are having a little fun. That was until Bitsy arrived at the restaurant, setting the stage for her brother to arrive, and that’s when we found out he’d ordered the steak.

Ambrose (her brother) says he wanted to see how she could ruin something so good, causing Bitsy to head into the kitchen and lose her shit. Of course, she freaks out, spilling all the food on the floor, and the chef arrives to announce he’s ready to cook the steak and tells Abby she’ll be presenting, much to her delight.

Much to no one’s surprise, Ambrose wants Bitsy and the chef toss the $20,000 steak into a blender and make it drink. Bitsy freaks out and blames Paige as the steak falls off the plate and disappears. Paige bursts into the room to protect her sister from Bitsy as she wants to throw her in jail. Bitsy is trying to find out who stole the steak and wants to find out now.

But of course we get into a song about the mystery of who stole the steak. We make each person sing, pointing the finger at another person in the classic thriller. Finally, Helen stops all the noise to let Bitsy know that Bitsy’s dog is the one who ate the steak. Then we find out there was gravy on the steak, which would have killed Ambrose, opening up the question of who would want to kill Ambrose.

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The end

The steak sauce was found in Bitsy’s pocket, making her the prime suspect in attempting to poison Ambrose. However, Abby refuses to believe that Bitsy would do such a thing. A mix-up happens where Abby convinces Paige to believe that Bitsy didn’t commit the crime. Followed by Ambrose’s girlfriend eventually admits to being the one who did it and finally settles the case.

At the end of the episode, Bitsy apologizes to Abby for framing her for the crime. As the Tillmans and Abby return home, Abby says she will look for a new job in the morning, but Paige tells her not to, that she should stay on the job at Bitsy’s restaurant.

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