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Central Park season 3, episode 11 recap – “The Puffs Go Poof”

November 5, 2022

The post Central Park season 3, episode 11 recap – “The Puffs Go Poof” appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 11 recap, “The Puffs Go Poof,” which contains spoilers.

central park season 3, episode 10 continued the series streak without concentration. That being said, we saw Owen (Leslie Odom Jr.) and Paige (Catherine Hahn) refine their relationship with their children by trying to get their tickets to see their favorite band in concert. While it was a fun episode, hopefully we’re back on track with the Mayor and Paige’s book this week. So let’s move on to episode 11.

Central Park season 3, episode 11 recap

It looks like the episode will follow Fisting Puffs, Molly’s superhero comic book that she directed. We get a montage of Fista Puff fighting with a supervillain shortly after getting his hair done. Midway through the story, Paige interrupts to see if she wants to come downstairs for The Cat and Chuck. Apparently The Chat and Chuck are discussing your clothes and finding out what you keep and don’t wear. It sounds more complicated than it should be.

Bitsy throw pens at Helen while just trying to hand him a drink. Bitsy has a meeting with a content creation team because Bitsy searched the internet for her name, and there was a ton of negativity. So Helen suggested he hire a team to try and alter the image. Seriously, I love these two so much, and they’re a weekly delight when they’re on screen.

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Back to Fista Puff’s world, where she has a ton of hair, which she wants to change but finds that if she changes, she might lose some of her powers for good. However, she goes through the modification of her hair. We see Fista entering the battle against. Dr Splash in the water, who can’t save them because she can’t weigh her hair.

A side note here, the editing of this episode caused a MASSIVE headache. I get that we had three storylines at once, but my God how they did it was such a disaster.

The meeting with the content creation team is going as I wish. The trio of creators are modern social media people, and Bitsy is completely confused by everything they say. It turns into a song, highlighting what they will do to change the algorithm in favor of all the best searches as good stuff. An entire series based on Bitsy and Helen needs to happen, seriously.

Central Park season 3, episode 11 ending

We return to the battle, where we learn that Fista Puff can’t make any changes because it will change things forever. So she is forced to make a decision. Next, The Chat vs Chuck is hilarious between Owen, Paige and Cole. At the same time, Cole is the smartest and can decide to throw things. But first, Paige struggles to part with some of her stuff. Then Owen tries to hold onto the old shorts that should be thrown away. Although the idea is simple, I found all of the writing for this story to be well executed.

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It all leads to a song that everyone joins in with the message of being okay with yourself. Then finally, Fista Puffs can take down Dr. Splash for good. Although the episode veered off track, it had a strong message.

What did you think of Central Park season 3, episode 11? Comments below.

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The post Central Park season 3, episode 11 recap – “The Puffs Go Poof” appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.