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Catherine Called Birdy ending explained – is it different from the book ending?

October 8, 2022

We are discussing the Prime Video Catherine Called Birdy movie ending which will contain spoilers.

Based on Karen Cushman young adult novel of the same name, Catherine called Birdy follows the titular character in a coming-of-age story with a twist. Catherine, or “Birdy”, grew up in medieval 13th century England. From the height of her 14 years, Birdy is a lovely young lady. She is precocious, curious and has a good heart. She has her beloved good nurse, Morwenna (Lesley Sharp), his beloved mother, Lady Aislinn (Billy Piper), his annoying brother, Robert (Dean Charles Chapman), and his immature father, Lord Rollo (Andrew Scott). Unfortunately, her father spends money on useless items like a Siberian tiger. This puts his family in a vulnerable position. After evaluating their financial troubles, he concludes that his richest asset is his only daughter, Birdy.

As each wealthy suitor shows up, the brave Birdy manages to scare them away. Catherine hopes that her Uncle George (The favourite‘s Joe Alwyn) will save her. But he has his eyes set on Birdy’s best friend, Aelis (Isis Hainsworth). But as we see throughout the picture, who you love doesn’t mean you’ll be the one to marry, because women, especially the virgin variety, are worth their weight in gold. Catherine was also brought up to be an independent thinker. Birdy is a free spirit who can read and write. She keeps a diary that her favorite brother, Edward, who is training as a monk, suggests to her. This is where we hear Birdy’s innermost thoughts.

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After fending off numerous suitors, Birdy concluded that her behavior might just be that hard to believe. So, her family pressures her to leave with a vile man named Shaggy Beard (Paule Kaye). She takes the money the man gave her (he also paid Lord Rollo the appropriate dowry) to her brother Robert. Why? So that he could properly pay the dowry of such a beautiful virgin, Birdy’s best friend, Aelis.

Catherine called Birdy ending explained

As Robert and Aelis enjoy their wedding, the night ends with Birdy picked up by Shaggy Beard. When the stagecoach pulls away, the whole family is upset, including her father, Lord Rollo. As Shaggy Beard explains to Catherine that his health has never been good and he coughs all over the place, he trusts that she knows how to deal with such things. Then, Birdy’s father appears next to the carriage. He claims his daughter even if he accepts payment. At first, Shaggy Beard refuses but decides to challenge this weak man to a duel.

At first it is believed to have seen the last of Lord Rollo as Shaggy Beard gave him a bloody gash on his chest. We can even see him letting Birdy go because his wife had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl a few days before. However, he regains his strength, knocks the big man’s sword down, and when he is about to win, Sir John Henry claims he has a back problem and says the duel is over. He tries to escape with Birdy, but the whole town stops the carriage from moving and her father pulls her to safety. The final scenes show everyone who has now mated and a man riding in the distance behind Birdy as she plays in the field.

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It should be noted that the ending here is different from the book. The novel has Shaggy Beard killed and Birdy marries his son. The ending here chooses to be more optimistic.

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