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Cafe Minamdang season 1, episode 4 recap – another solid chapter

July 6, 2022

This Cafe Minamdang season 1, episode 4 recap contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on yesterday’s episode by clicking on these words.

When Gyeong-ho wakes up from a nightmare about his misdeeds, he wonders when he’s stoned why his men are so late. So he ventures downstairs alone, eagerly waiting to find himself troubled by the ghost of the woman he choked to death. Terrified, he runs away from home, while Na-dan tries to report the information to his boss. However, when the youngster discovers that his technology isn’t working, he is forced to improvise, so he pretends to be a shaman to shock the wealthy vice president by fainting (although an intervention from Hye-jun be the key here).

Café Minamdang season 1, episode 4 recap

As Hye-jun sends Na-dan to tell their associates about the police appearance, Han-joon and Su-cheol work hard to get rid of Gyeong-ho’s men. This turns out to be a rather simple task, their disguises helping to dread the rather unfortunate security into vulnerability, while the addition of a gong Han-joon turns into a weapon ends up proving vital in stopping any harm to the protagonists. .

Then, when the two former policemen approach Cheong-gi, we return to the past. Here, the fraudulent investigation is laid out in detail, with the internal inspector crafting a bespoke story to get the profiler into trouble. Han-joon sees through this, knowing he’s being taken down – which Cheong-gi admits – but despite his insight, in addition to the fact that he’s never been involved in giving or receiving bribes. -vin, he can’t avoid being put in the line of fire.

Frustrated with the “dead” justice that landed him in prison, Han-joon cries loudly on the prison bus, exclaiming that he has done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, we also witness the dismissal of Su-cheol, who tries to stay optimistic amid the injustice, but completely fails when stepping out of office.

In the present, the two former police officers admit their role in the scheme to endanger Cheong-gi, before attempting to upset him with a confession. Yet just as a breakthrough seems near, Na-dan arrives with information that the police are on their way. The group is therefore forced into a pseudo-exorcism, much to the chagrin of Jae-hui, who maintains his suspicions about what is happening. Elsewhere, a terrified Gyeong-ho attempts to flee Du-jin, the wealthy drug addict fearing a ghost has appeared.

Eventually, when Gyeong-ho is caught, Jae-hui leaves the location where Han-joon is performing his exorcism, but walks out with a warning that he will soon receive a summons. But that’s not much of a concern for the shaman, as he quickly turns his attention to the wealthy VP’s men, who are more than willing to confess after a bit of pressure.

Luckily for the police, Du-jin manages to seize the files Gyeong-ho had hidden, discovering in them the rich man’s guilt in the MK Nobel murder case. It also allows him to piece together Cheong-gi’s corruption, which means the Internal Inspector is put on the wanted list. Meanwhile, Han-joon uses this exposed guilt as a way to force a private confession in exchange for refuge. It’s an offer thrown around by an anxious Cheong-gi, who calls Superintendent Lim Min-jun, who is himself corrupt (enough to switch to a construction company), to get him down to business.

Arriving at Min-jun’s house, the group discovers that the former superintendent is in shock and is rushed to the hospital. Doubting the event, Han-joon orders Su-cheol to follow the sick man to the hospital, while insisting on checking if the incident was a coincidence or something more sinister. The ensuing punch in the house highlights the need for further investigation, with Su-cheol’s call confirming Min-jun’s death only adding fuel to the fire. As such, Han-joon asks his friend to check for needle marks on the body, knowing that someone had staged this act to make it look like an overdose of caffeine consumption.

After relaying his theory to a worried Cheong-gi, Han-joon orders Su-cheol – who confirms there was a needle mark – to hint that the former superintendent might have been murdered. Elsewhere, Gyeong-ho attempts to hold his own in the interrogation room, while Ms. Min is thanked for her involvement in arresting the wealthy VP. Here, Jae-hui seems to become more intrigued by what Han-joon is up to, as she discovers that the only reason a witness statement took place was because of her false shamanism.

As the police learn that Cheong-gi has been located, we cut to a quick flashback showing Han-joon’s crew playing with the in-house inspector on a theme park boat, informing him that he will be safer. prison security. Then, back in the present, Jae-hui stops the ride, grabs the crooked member of the police force, and sighs at the deduction that she may have been reluctantly helped by her current nemesis.

At Min-jun’s funeral, Han-joon mentions that the man they are looking for must have been close to the former superintendent, before Su-cheol adds his suspicions over the deleted CCTV footage, in addition to the fact that there is going to be a cremation without an autopsy. However, their deductive luck seems to change upon exiting the event, as although they haven’t seen any alarming characters beforehand, the emergence of Choekang Group’s heir Cha Seung-won is enough to spark a stir. some interest.

After informing Min-gyeong of the need to look into why Seung-won hired Min-jun, Han-joon finds himself receiving a marriage proposal (in addition to his work expenses), and then a warning that he is It was a declaration of intentions when the shaman rejects the ring. In response, the former profiler exclaims that Gyeong-ho’s wife should live free from now on.

While visiting Woo-cheol, Jae-hui notices Han-joon’s appearance in the hospital and wonders why he went to speak with the motorcyclist’s wife. As we find out, it’s to pay him compensation for the accident, from Min-gyeong’s fees, which will help him pay for the operation, hospital bills, and school fees for his children until ‘at University. They give their word that they are also not related to the abuser, but rather here to help until Gyeong-ho can be brought to justice. And, with a gift from the Minamdang business card, Han-joon leaves with his friend.

Afterwards, Han-joon goes to visit Jae-jeong’s memorial, swearing he’ll catch the person who killed him, while apologizing for taking so long. He also explains that he refused to see his sister, Jang-mi (now Jae-hui), following a request from his mother, and that he should tell her to have fun with her life because the next time he will come, he will have caught the criminal. “Just trust me and wait,” the shaman says before his reasoned departure.

As Do-won listens to Jae-hui complaining about Han-joon, we cut the two dates that night. It’s another unfortunate event, with the shaman ending up knocked unconscious when he creeps up on the person he remembers being at his house not so long ago. So, Han-joon once again accuses the detective of being a stalker, but Jae-hui is more interested in the idea of ​​the former profiler’s “superhero” persona.

Unconvinced by the cover that it was all done for Min-gyeong, the two end up in a feud over inadmissible evidence, paid hospital bills, and guilt, only to have the original embarrassing stalking charges. emerge again, accompanied by a message. that the police will be called if it happens again.

Following some inner turmoil, Jae-hui asks to see Han-joon’s criminal case files, hoping to do his own research. But her hard work means she’s late for her own presentation the next day. Meanwhile, Han-joon suffers from his business failures, before VVIP Gyeong-ja calls. The elderly woman thinks there is a ghost in his house, alleviating concerns about the financial impact any catalog purchase would have.

Knowing that a break-in from the outside would be unlikely as they investigate Gyeong-ja’s house to find out who this figure she sees is, a realization sets in that the journey must have been ended by sewers. Yet when Su-cheol is assigned to investigate the scene, he ends up being arrested when a child lies about being kidnapped by the former policeman. This delays the search for the “ghost”, or at least it seems so until Han-joon reappears from the house, pointing to the accused child.

The end

In time, Han-joon and Jae-hui descend into the sewers together (although it takes the detective to expose the hidden camera on his glasses to convince the shaman to come with him) to examine the area. Once there, they come across a hidden child, who fears that he and his brother are going to jail for their constant burglaries in search of food. There’s one more important thing though, as a corpse signaling Choi Yeong-seop’s return concerns both the detective and the shaman. As the two stare at the shrouded body, we head into the epilogue, where Han-joon heads to investigate the appearance of a burnt corpse, where on the scene he deliberately avoids an emerging Jae-hui at the sides of Su-cheol.

You can stream Cafe Minamdang season 1, episode 4 exclusively on Netflix.

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