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Brother-sister duo Raymond and Rebecca Ablack star together in Ginny & Georgia

January 10, 2023

Over the years, Netflix, through its multitude of movies and TV shows, has given up-and-coming actors a platform to showcase their talent to global audiences.

This is best exemplified in shows such as the young adult comedy-drama Ginny & Georgia, as many of its cast members are young actors just getting their start in the industry.

A notable star in Ginny & Georgia was Rebecca Ablack who takes on the role of Padma, but what do we know about the actress – from her age and social media presence to her previous roles?


Padma is in Ginny and Georgia

Padma was introduced in the first episode of Ginny & Georgia as a classmate at Wellbury High and Marcus Baker’s “occasional” girlfriend, which was an uncomfortable fact for Ginny as she and Marcus recently met.

As Season 1 continued, it became clear that Marcus did not consider the relationship serious and by Episode 8 the couple officially broke up.

Due to their shared feelings for Marcus, Ginny and Padma had often been at odds with each other, which made early episodes of Season 2 quite awkward for the couple as Padma had been hired as Ginny’s replacement at the Joe’s Blue Farm cafe after Ginny leaves. city ​​to stay with his father Sion.

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However, Joe allowed Ginny to return to her old job as Padma needed help showing her the ropes.

She and Ginny began to bond over the course of the season and even arranged for the cafe to host its first ever open mic night where Padma performed the lovely and soulful song, The Comedown.

Antonia Gentry as Ginny, Rebecca Ablack as Padma in Ginny & Georgia episode 203Ginny and Georgia © Netflix

Meet actress Rebecca Ablack

Actress Rebecca Ablack takes on the role of Padma in Ginny & Georgia.

The Canadian actress was born in Toronto on November 8, 2000, which makes Rebecca Ablack 22 when Ginny & Georgia season 2 premieres in January 2023.

Rebecca is one of four siblings in her family which includes two brothers, Raymond and Jared, as well as a sister, Cassandra.

Fans of Ginny & Georgia will know her brother Raymond as he is the actor who plays Joe, the owner of the Blue Farm cafe. There’s even a nice meta line during Season 2 as Padma describes Joe as “a dumb older brother.”

Like many actors in the modern industry, Rebecca is active on social media, primarily on Instagram, where she posts behind-the-scenes photos of her life and works with over 45,000 fans at the time of writing.

Rebecca Ablack’s previous roles

Although she’s only 22, Rebecca Ablack has already been acting for more than a decade when her very first role came on the 2009 TV series The Jon Dore Television Show.

Since then, she has continued to appear in some high-profile projects including the films Let It Snow, Awake and Netflix’s Luckyest Girl Alive.

TV fans will also recognize Rebecca from roles like Impulse, Kim’s Convenience and ITV’s The Good Karma Hospital where she appeared in a major role as Dr Nikita Sharma in Season 4.

REBECCA ABLACK as PADMA in GINNY & GEORGIA episode 108Ginny and Georgia © Netflix

Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on January 5, 2023.

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