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Boo, Bitch season 1 – who is Riley?

July 8, 2022

This article, “who is Riley” contains spoilers for the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1.

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Every show needs a villain and in Boo, bitch, Riley fulfills this role perfectly. She is your stereotypical, standard bully. A bad girl, who follows the tropes of the teenage genre to the hilt, delivering a paper-thin version of the villain.

Who’s Riley In Boo, bitch season 1?

Played by actress Aparna Brielle (AP Organic), Riley is a manipulative and calculated person, who will stop at nothing to become the most revered or hated girl in school. She’s not interested in being loved or hated, she just wants to be the most famous person. Riley hates Erika with a passion and dates Erika’s crush, Jake C, early in the series. She’s a mean and vengeful teenager, who makes Erika’s life hell. But why does she hate her so much?

Through a flashback, the origins of their rivalry are revealed. Erika was in line at orientation when she accidentally bumped into Riley and broke her nose in the process. Riley chose to ruin Erika from now on. She managed to get everyone to call her Helen Who and that name stuck, even appearing on Erika’s name badge every year and under the yearbook picture. After being threatened by Riley, Erika decided to live her school life in the shadows, avoiding drama and social events. This basically led to the Erika outbreak and the events that unfolded in the first season.

Jake C breaks up with Riley at that infamous party, declaring he’s done with the drama. Riley enjoys creating drama wherever she goes and has made Erika’s life miserable. Eventually the two argue and Erika finally stands up to the bully. Erika becomes the most popular girl in school and Riley becomes hated in return. The mean girl fights back and concocts a plan to befriend each other, then turn against Erika. It works perfectly and she wins the support of the whole school in the end. Riley convinces everyone to hate Erika after she cancels the prom. Riley becomes prom queen, though her plan backfires in the finale, when Gia is finally crowned prom queen.

There are some hints of a much deeper character below the surface. With glimpses of an embarrassed, scared coward hiding beneath all those layers. He’s a deeply flawed two-faced character, who craves attention and power, but his motives are always entirely predictable. It was obvious she was going to double-cross Erika, although it was a nice touch to take her crown away from her at the very end. A mean girl in a mean girls scam, Riley is the unfortunate villain, tasked with fighting our protagonist with very little motivation.

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