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Boo, Bitch season 1 – who is Erika Vu?

July 9, 2022

This article, “who is Erika Vu” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1.

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The protagonist of Boo, bitch is teenage outcast Erika Vu. Her journey throughout the series has its ups and downs, more so than her popularity within high school ups and downs. The teenager has some really searing highs and some pretty dark lows in the first season, but who exactly is Erika Vu?

Who is Erika Seen in Boo, bitch season 1?

Erika Vu is played by Lana Condor (To all the boys I’ve loved before) and is the main actress of the series. She is a calm and reserved teenager, who prefers to live in the shadows and avoids any form of conflict. As graduation approaches, her best friend Gia proposes that they attend a party for once and that night brings about monumental changes in Erika’s life.

The reason Erika prefers to avoid parties and any real drama is because of school bully Riley. During orientation, Erika accidentally bumped into Riley and broke his nose. Riley had it for the geek from that point on. In the mug shot, Riley told everyone that Erika Vu was actually called Helen Who. The name stuck and even appeared on Erika’s ID every year. Erika therefore decided to stay hidden and avoid the bully.

The studious teenager, who has no real social life, finds the courage to go to this high school party once she sees that they even called her Helen Who in her yearbook. At the party, she quickly makes friends and almost kisses her crush, Jake C, who happens to be Riley’s boyfriend. Gia and Erika return home high on adrenaline and possibly other substances, but are unfortunately run over by a truck. Erika discovers the next morning that she has been flattened by a dead moose and is now for all intents and purposes a ghost.

This disaster means she has a new carefree attitude and a clear motive to live life to the fullest. She thinks that by kissing Jake C she will be able to ascend to the afterlife and stop being a ghost, although it doesn’t work. At a party, she stands up to Riley and becomes the most popular girl in school. This popularity goes to her head and she turns into a mean girl. Erika ditches her best friend Gia and befriends Riley and her fake friends instead. She begins to manipulate others and control her boyfriend Jake. Erika becomes a dictator in her own right, causing riots at school and the cancellation of the prom.

Eventually, Erika realizes that she has become a monster and she apologizes to all of her friends and family members. It is revealed that Gia is actually the Ghost, who lied to make Erika fearless. This new attitude, however, backfired and turned Erika into a power-crazed fraud. She lost sight of who she was and ruined people’s lives in the process. In the end, Erika tried to make amends and helped Gia become prom queen. Erika then continued to date Jake C and went to college, where she still communicates with Gia through a lava lamp.

Erika begins as a sympathetic teenager who has been tormented by a vulgar bully. Her new breath of life has taken her to dark places and she has become the bully she once feared. Thanks to her friends and family, Erika was able to see the troubling path she was on and she made a difference. She was really awful to Gia and made some awful decisions, but seems to have won out in the end. I don’t think I could be as forgiving as the other students.

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