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Boo, Bitch season 1 – what really happened the night Erika died?

July 9, 2022

This article, “What Really Happened the Night Erika Died” contains spoilers for Season 1 of Netflix’s Boo, Bitch.

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Warning, there are major spoilers ahead.

The main twist in Boo, bitch is the revelation that Gia is the corpse under the moose, not Erika. This reveal comes at the end of episode six, but many viewers figured it out long before that. Some people even mentioned it in the YouTube comments for the trailer, which was released long before its initial release. It’s a very obvious and predictable twist, after all, but one that the writers believe is so integral to the show that they’re willing to bend anything to fit that specific storyline. In this article, I will discuss in detail the plot and the many plot holes that come with this major event.

Boo, bitch season 1 – what really happened the night Erika died?

Let’s start by talking about death itself. Gia and Erika return home after an unforgettable evening. A moose enters the road and is run over by a truck. The moose flies through the air and hits the girls. Gia is crushed to death under the moose and Erika is knocked onto her side. Gia becomes a ghost from this point on, deciding in a split second to swap shoes with her best friend – placing Erika’s sneakers on top of the corpse, so it looks like Erika is the dead corpse. , not Gia.

Gia’s reasoning for this deception is quite vague but acceptable considering the other plot holes. She fears that Erika will never enjoy life again, knowing that the only time she let loose and had fun was the same night her best friend was brutally killed. She wanted Erika to be fearless. It’s a pretty sweet notion and it makes sense that Gia would be confused and freaked out by the storyline, causing a knee-jerk reaction. We’ll let that one slide.

As a ghost, Gia has the ability to control electricity and summon ice. Over time, she begins to glitch, appearing and disappearing. Erika and Gia research ghosts and find help from a club called the After Lifers. They are told that in order for a ghost to pass and ascend properly into the afterlife, they must first complete any unfinished task. It’s assumed that Gia’s unfinished business is to attend prom, become prom queen, and then actually get noticed by the other students. After all, no one even knew she was missing, let alone dead. Gia was virtually invisible to the students before she died.

Gia’s ghostly powers are randomly introduced and unclearly explained throughout the series. Giving the feeling that the writers were inventing as they went along. The power of ice is particularly odd, only appearing in one scene. They use ice to freeze the moose, but then decide to just buy ice packs instead of using this new ability. These powers only work intermittently and aren’t always reliable, which is handy. Gia can apparently text, flash lights, play music, and manipulate electricity in many other ways. It is an accepted ghostly power (as seen in stranger things), but the ice cream one is new to me.

These inconsistencies are frustrating, but there are far worse holes to be discovered. First, let’s talk about Erika’s involvement in all of this. When she first sees the corpse, she instantly believes she is dead. She doesn’t think to check under the dead moose and blindly accepts that these shoes are hers, so the corpse must be hers. Erika can do anything a living human can do. It is seen, heard and touched by others. She functions exactly like a human, because she is human. Why would she think otherwise? It just doesn’t make sense. He is a rational and intelligent person, someone who would question that and properly consider all options before assuming the worst. And how can the public be deceived either? Does anyone buy the idea that Erika is the ghost? I couldn’t get past this monumental flaw, the idea that we had to believe Erika was a ghost when she had absolutely no characteristics of a ghost.

When it is revealed to Erika that Gia is the ghost, she thinks back to all the times she spoke with Gia in person. There’s a quick edit showing Erika talking like crazy in different places. Why has no one ever questioned or mentioned her? Jake C saw her in the hallway arguing with herself and didn’t think to raise that concern. It’s totally amazing. It’s also interesting that Erika didn’t even think about this awkward situation until her father mentioned The sixth sense plot twist, which caused the flashback. Erika begins the show as a smart and kind teenager, but by the end of Boo, bitch she makes some really insane decisions and has become pure evil. Erika doesn’t even care about Gia’s death initially and is hurt more by the betrayal. This lazy transformation is given no special attention and is shamelessly used to advance the story in a quick and carefree manner.

So Erika loses brain cells once she thinks she’s dead and poor Gia loses her life. Speaking of Gia, why doesn’t anyone care that she’s been missing for an entire month? There’s a little snippet of dialogue that mentions her mom being away, which helps explain why Gia is home alone, but why hasn’t anyone bothered to follow up on this? Family members and the school would most certainly notice if Gia was missing and would more than likely contact the police if they were concerned. If Gia can control technology, I suppose she could manipulate phones and school records, but that doesn’t give her any screen time. Someone would be upset by his absence, someone would want to see his face or hear his voice. Again, the writers are happy to ignore all logic and reasoning in pursuing this elaborate plot.

Finally, we have to believe that Erika and Gavin (when drunk) can see Gia, but it’s never explained why these two are chosen, when no one else can see her. Erika may be intrinsically linked to Gia due to their friendship or closeness during the accident. While Gavin’s paranormal insights allow him to see Gia, but only when intoxicated. And we just have to accept that as a fact? There are many acts of faith, like this, in Boo, bitchthat I just couldn’t pass up.

To conclude, the plot twist itself is predictable and problematic, resulting in countless plot holes and absurd character motivations. This serious misstep completely ruined the show for me. What do you think of this turnaround? How quickly did you figure it out? Please comment below.

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