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Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 7 recap – “Bad Bitch”

July 9, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 7, “Bad Bitch,” contains spoilers.

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Episode six ended with the big reveal that it was actually Gia who had died and not Erika under that rotten moose. I don’t know about you, but the big clue for me was the fact that everyone could see and hear Erika all the time, not exactly the max stats of a ghost. I mean, did anyone really believe Erika was a ghost, even for a minute? Sorry, I digress. In episode seven, “Bad Bitch,” Erika and Gia have a monumental argument, and Erika’s popularity takes a disastrously downward trend.

Boo, bitch summary of season 1, episode 7

Moments after this “shocking” revelation, Gia and Erika continue their argument from before. Gia explains that she took Erika’s shoes and made the corpse look like her best friend all along. If Erika lived, breathed and functioned like a normal human being, then how was she fooled by those shoes all these weeks? It just doesn’t fit. The plot holes keep mounting. Erika was initially presented as a smart, level-headed person, but as the episodes go on, she becomes more ridiculous and her decision-making becomes more and more stupid.

The accident itself is then dramatized, with a silhouetted moose coming out onto the road. It’s a truly comedic, eye-rolling scene that highlights painfully low-quality, low-budget production. It is unknown what happens upon impact, but Erika ends up on the ground and Gia is crushed under the flying moose. Then Gia’s ghost swaps shoes. Gia explains to Erika that she actually controlled all those ghostly powers and only made Erika think that was all she did to continue the lie.

You’d think Erika might pause to think or shed a tear for her fallen comrade, but she’s just mad at Gia for the betrayal. Gia tries to explain that she didn’t want to scare Erika after she finally took a chance on life, she just wanted her to be fearless. Erika doesn’t seem to care one bit about Gia’s death or her motives for the cover-up and walks off saying “you’re dead to me”. Sweet and innocent Erika has become a real monster, but karma is on the way.

Erika tries to increase her follower count as she desperately tries to become an influencer. Her parents find out about her lavish spending and cancel Erika’s phone contract, while also stripping her of her Wi-Fi privileges. Riley warns Erika (via landline) that she has incriminating footage of Erika, then the bully begins a revolution at school, trying to get the prom canceled.

In desperation, Erika asks Gia to blur the footage, but Gia is furious with her former best friend. Erika can’t help but be selfish even when her own best friend has just died. Gia confesses that her powers are fading and she continues to bug. Do ghosts squirt normally? She tells how she did absolutely everything she could to help Erika and received nothing in return. All he cares about are these silly videos and meaningless comments. Erika realizes that Gia was the troll and states that they are no longer friends (yet). Then Gia starts to fade, like a bad B-movie. I’m so sorry for actress Zoe Colletti, who gives her all in this performance, but is completely wasted on this poor comedy excuse.

The end

Gia parts ways with Gavin, accepting that she will disappear any moment. She tells Gavin that he’s the only person who’s really seen her and she doesn’t want to disappoint him later. Erika discovers that Gia has scrambled the footage, but everyone has scrambled with her anyway. Riley managed to convince everyone at school to reinstate prom and cancel Erika in the process. Her parking space is taken from her and everyone turns their backs on the once most popular girl in high school. First the girls say she can’t sit with them, then Jake C breaks up with her. Adding insult to injury, Erika crashes her car into Devon’s and is driven home by the police as she is without a driver’s license, having previously burned it.

In the final moments, Erika’s brother manages to retrieve his phone and she logs on to find that an article has been posted about him, titled: “How the Girl Who Tried to Cancel Prom Got Canceled” . She is then reprimanded with hateful comments online. How the mighty fell.

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