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Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 2 recap – “Reposing Bitch Face”

July 10, 2022

This recap of the Netflix series Boo, Bitch season 1, episode 2, “Resting Bitch Face,” contains spoilers.

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In episode two of Boo, bitch, Erika and Gia try to unravel the mystery behind Erika’s ghostly situation and the creators try to establish some ground rules about it. It’s a weird follow-up episode that continues to stumble in the comedy department, while pushing a supernatural narrative that it doesn’t seem to quite get itself.

Boo, bitch summary of season 1, episode 2

“Resting Bitch Face” (great title by the way) begins with Erika waking up on the forest floor. Seconds earlier, the teenager had passed out after locking eyes with her own rotting remains. She looks through to see her body still crushed under a dead moose, with just her shoes sticking out at the bottom. Erika laughs hysterically at the insane situation, before starting to attack the dilemma more logically. She speaks of shared hallucinations and ghostly visions. Amazingly, this ghost can still talk, touch and pee. Best friends hug and realize they can both see and feel each other. Nothing adds up. And that’s the problem with the second installment, which struggles to establish clear rules for its fantastic concept. How can a ghost have all the same attributes as a living, breathing person? It is a ridiculous notion that has no credibility.

Feeling stressed, Erika heads to the local cafe for an energy boost. The staff can see her, in fact everyone sees her, although Erika flashes the lights and then the whole computer system freezes – scary indeed. They agree that ghosts can communicate through electricity, so it must be her doing it after all. Well, I’m glad it all cleared up then. The friends return to Erika’s to dig deeper into the matter. Again, Erika’s parents can see her and even joke about her legendary hangover. Their research is inconclusive, though Jake C calls and invites her to another party later that day. Erika may be dead, but she’s going to party while she still can.

While waiting to be fashionable late at the party, Gia and Erika decide to throw a rather different party in the interlude, this one hosted by religious students. The students believe they have discovered an image of Jesus in a pizza. They do their best to answer Erika’s questions about ghosts and the afterlife, believing that purgatory is just a path to hell and that ghosts don’t actually exist. The unhinged individuals begin to scare Erika and Gia when their prized pizza is ruined. The girls make a quick exit. Here they meet a ghost hunter called Brad, yes you read that right.

Brad invites them to a meeting at the cemetery with the other members of the After Lifers club. These geeks and eccentrics argue and try again to answer Erika’s questions, albeit in a condescending tone. These paranormal experts mention the incarnation, which could explain Erika’s situation. Apparently, they are ghosts who embody a living specimen until they have fulfilled their unfinished mission. Erika thinks that by kissing Jake C, she will seal her fate and ascend to the afterlife. They head to the hot tub party with recharged vigor.

The end

While the girls go to the party, Riley tricks her into winning her man back. She enters the hot tub, flirting with her ex. Jake instantly asks her to leave and Riley admits defeat, but her eyes light up when she learns that Erika stood her up. As the exes say goodbye outside the house, Riley goes all out and kisses her ex-boyfriend. Erika and Gia arrive just in time to see Riley and Jake C kiss. Enraged, Erika sets off every car alarm on the street with her shiny new powers.

Episode two is a particular beast, with the added supernatural elements only complicating matters further. Weird new characters are introduced, supposedly for added hilarity, but these bizarre creations come across as shocking and unfunny. The series continues to be both cliched and predictable, but loses all of its charm by the opening episode.

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