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Blast End Explained – Does Seb Find Happiness in the End?

June 28, 2022

This article is about the Netflix movie ending Blasted, which will contain spoilers.

The film begins with a shot of a green blob hitting a guy in the face in the middle of the woods. We then cut to a scene where we follow two women into a cave as they film an instructional video. One of them is shot by an undamaged old machine and her body is taken over, leaving her violent with glowing green eyes. We can predict from this that this area has some significance and that the film will eventually come full circle, where we will end up in the forest and in this cave at the end of the film.

At his bachelor party, the boys play laser tag. This children’s game is a release from the pressures of adulthood and allows men to be boys and play while they’re away. The need for this escape, especially on a bachelor party, is to have one last hurray before being tied down to normal life. With the boys battling aliens, it really allowed them to battle their inner demons. The reminder and pressure of his professional life is constantly around him with his traveling client Kasper, and Seb is constantly trying to impress Kasper and have fun with his friends at the same time. Seb is clearly unhappy with the situation, but as the film continues, we pull Seb into an alternate world where he’s forced to face his fears and make choices.

Towards the end we have a scene where Kasper offers Seb the chance to escape with him and work for his company, as long as he leaves his friends behind. Sebastian thinks and then realizes he can’t do this and stays to fight with his friends. This moment shows that Sebastian has found something he has lost; his friends, himself, and can now successfully navigate his way through these aliens.

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Sebastian opens a door and a giant fat monster master alien comes out. Sebastian is under pressure thinking about what he can do. He returns to his laser tag gear and detonates a giant light, blinding and killing all the aliens. Just as everyone thinks they’re safe, the alien master rises and a battle of monsters is on their hands, much like the video games end in a boss battle. As the monster is about to kill Seb — Audun comes out of nowhere, like a true hero, and shoots the beast.

The alien pulls out and takes off in his spaceship, flying across the landscape, sucking up little green aliens on his journey. They won and it’s over. Not before Kasper is eaten, of course.

We return to the heavily pregnant police officer finally being able to make it to the hospital after battling numerous aliens.

The final scene is that of Seb’s wedding. He and his new wife Josephine pull out the laser guns and run to shoot some guests. Seb has regained his playful, fun, childlike sense of humor and freedom, and is able to be happy. They all raise a glass to Audun, who didn’t make it out alive, then all run to play laser tag again. What can I say ? Seb must really love laser tag.

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