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Bank Of Dave Movie Wows Def Leppard Fans With Concert Cameo

January 18, 2023

We all found ourselves sitting on the couch, scrolling through for a series of films that we will find uplifting, uplifting and inspiring. Fortunately, the platform has many gems in its arsenal that can be described as such. However, you may find that you have seen the selection, eager to experience something new. In January, Bank Of Dave arrived to offer a solution.

Directed by Chris Foggin, the British comedy-drama was released on Netflix on Monday January 16 and tells the story of Dave Fishwick (played by Rory Kinnear), a working-class man turned self-made millionaire who started Burnley Savings and Loans.

The 2023 film title Dave’s Bank was launched to help struggling businesses in the wake of the 2007 financial crisis. Audiences are sure to fall in love with the tale, inspired by true events, no less.

As the cast and crew struggle to balance truth with fictional elements, it’s worth focusing on Def Leppard’s concert at Bank Of Dave.

Rory Kinnear as Dave Fishwick in Bank Of DaveBank of Dave cr. netflix

Def Leppard’s cameo in Bank Of Dave explained

Iconic rock band Def Leppard did not participate in a charity fundraiser for Bank of Dave or Dave Fishwick in real life. Their gig is a fabrication that was written into the film because Dave himself is a huge fan of the band, reports Woman and Home.

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The Titans formed in Sheffield in 1976 and are known for hits such as For Some Sugar On Me, Love Bites, Hysteria and Photograph.

In the film, one of Dave’s friends suggests he might book the band for a fundraising show and, as we learn, he fulfills the request.

Although the group is not part of the real story, they previously posted an enthusiastic tweet in March 2023 about their role in the film

“Good weather last weekend! they wrote with a scene plan that was made for their appearance.


“He’s a bit of a Def Leppard fan”

Def Leppard singer and frontman Joe Elliot spoke about the band’s role in the film during an interview on Planet Radio:

“… It was only 12 years ago that [the Bank of Dave story] happened and he’s a bit of a Def Leppard fan. What they did was they kind of worked us into the story and they obviously made the story a bit better because our role in the movie didn’t really happen.

He continued: “One of his homies, a friend’s character of his has known me for 30 years and said, ‘I think maybe I could convince Def Leppard to do a fundraiser for you. So long story short we are doing this fundraiser in Turf Moor to raise money so he can start this bank and help all the locals who were not getting any help from the banks.

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Joe explains that they performed three songs in total: “I don’t know how many will survive or make it to the editing room, but you always film so they have enough. We all really thought that was a cute thing.

Def Leppard fans react

Since the film’s release, a handful of viewers have reacted to the group’s cameo on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Bank Of Dave is now streaming on Netflix.

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