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Bad Sisters season 1, episode 9 recap – “Going Rogue”

October 7, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters season 1, episode 9, “Going Rogue,” contains spoilers.

We’re now nine episodes into this dark comedy series and viewers seem to be just as hooked as they were during the show’s excellent premiere, and we still don’t know how the villainous JP was murdered. In “Going Rogue,” the Garvey girls face the fallout of Becka’s (played Eve Hewson) previous plan, and the siblings debate their next step. Meanwhile, in the current timeline, the Claffin brothers struggle to fend off their impending bankruptcy troubles, and an unlikely individual joins the fight.

Bad Sisters season 1, episode 9 recap

Becka walks around the Garvey family reunion with a glaring smirk on her face. She beams after finally killing JP, or so we think. The asshole only appears a few moments later, still very much alive. Becka quickly realizes she killed someone else instead, and her first thoughts go to JP’s mother, Minna (played by Nina Noren). She rushes to Minna’s while the other sisters play happy families.

JP sports two cool black eyes at the table and tells the story of an angry man behind the wheel. He looks at Ursula as he says those words and she instantly connects the dots – Ben is the culprit. JP wishes them luck, then quickly leaves to take his mother shopping. Eva desperately tries to hold him back at the meal, but he hastily leaves. A frantic Becka fights to break into Minna’s house before JP arrives. It’s a tense sequence as Becka hides in the bushes, while JP inspects the empty house.

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The bad guy heads straight for the basement and opens the door to the cold room. He finds her frozen body propped up next to the open drawer containing her deceased husband’s corpse. JP starts laughing hysterically then cries beside her. Becka fears the worst and just can’t help herself, she needs to know the outcome. She rings the buzzer and is greeted by JP. He lies saying she is sleeping and Becka relays this information to the group. Bibi explains that if JP found her, it is now up to him to take care of him. He can’t go to the police, because of the corpse in the drawer, so he has to cover his own tracks again.

JP puts his dead mother to bed, rips out her nose piercing, and phones the authorities. Grace informs the siblings of the tragic news and Becka is truly heartbroken. Not only did she kill a person, but also one of her closest friends. She acts erratically and talks about taking incriminating photographs of JP’s father’s corpse. The girls try to put her down, but she doesn’t think straight. Eva and Becka head together to the strange cold room and find an empty drawer. As they leave, they are greeted by JP, who is now very suspicious of the Garvey sisters. They make up a lie on the spot to retrieve massage equipment and quickly escape, but the evil master is far from convinced.

He disposes of his father’s body, throwing a clumsy suitcase into the lake, followed by the glass eyes of taxidermy. JP is well and truly on the sisters and glares at them at the funeral. Roger comes to pay his respects and notices the grave of the family dog ​​in the back garden. The dog was called Oscar and JP used this pseudonym in his attempts to accuse Roger of paedophilia. At this precise moment, Roger realizes that it is JP who is at the origin of all the scandal.

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At work, JP uses his slimy manipulation skills to get Eva into trouble. He talks about mistakes in his work, which their boss actually confirms. He says she has been distant and not herself lately. JP then adds that customers have complained of having smelled alcohol on Eva. She doesn’t retaliate or defend herself, she just packs up and leaves. JP pursues her, strongly implying that he knows all about the attempted murders, that he is onto them.

Becka is found drunk at Minna’s grave and the police bring her back to Eva’s home. Here, the sisters debate their next move. Eva wants to strike while the iron is hot and kill JP as soon as possible. Now it’s Bibi’s turn to be the most worried and she forbids Eva to kill him. Eva’s plan is to euthanize her and Ursula suggests contacting a dodgy vet to acquire these deadly drugs to finish the job.

The end

In the current timeline, Thomas confesses to his wife about his father’s scams and how he helped cover them up. Theresa starts digging herself and finds Rebecca Garvey’s address. While spying, she has a seizure and passes out. Thomas takes her to the hospital, but fears losing her and the baby. Matthew reassures Thomas and pursues the investigation alone. He interviews a bartender, who confirms where Becka was the night JP died. It seems he now has proof that they lied, they weren’t all together the night in question.

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Back in the past timeline, the gang reunites for Grace’s birthday weekend extravaganza. Grace and JP stay in their cabin, while the other sisters take the nearest hotel. Roger visits JP and asks why he would frame him. JP is his usual vulgar self, he doesn’t doesn’t deny it, but doesn’t provide any real answers either, aside from his obvious distaste for the man. We are then shown a montage of the sister’s activities. Becka gets drunk in a pub, Ursula meets Ben to continue their affair, Bibi is seen running through the forest at night, and Eva sits alone in bed drinking. The next morning, the siblings drive to Grace’s cabin, but are met by police cars. Grace rushes in tears, saying that JP is dead. Who killed JP? Everyone has a motive, but we’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out the definitive answer to this addictive mystery.

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