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Bad Sisters season 1, episode 5 recap – “An eye for an eye”

September 10, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters season 1, episode 5, “Eye for an Eye,” contains spoilers.

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Flashbacks so far have revealed how JP ruined each Garvey sister’s life, one by one, and it was only a matter of time before we get to Bibi’s motives. My money was that JP was somehow involved in Bibi’s missing eye and in the fifth episode the filmmakers explore this tragic plot point in detail. As always, the flashbacks focus on another scheme to kill JP and in the present, the sister who is the focus of the episode is interrogated.

bad sisters summary of season 1, episode 5

Bibi is at the center of “Eye for an Eye” and within the first few seconds she has visions of a fatal car crash. There have been two major car accidents in his past, both of which have had far-reaching effects on his life. Bibi’s parents died in a car accident and she lost her eye in a second. The Claffin brothers talk about these accidents, but they are mostly interested in JP’s accident, which resulted in Bibi’s traumatic injury. Bibi’s wife, Nora, doesn’t hold back, telling insurers exactly how it is. They hate JP and even though he is responsible for Bibi’s injury, he wouldn’t take any responsibility. Bibi tries to play down the incident, saying she lost her eye and JP got a hole in her head from the accident, they are peers now.

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Back at the insurer’s office, Matthew finds a letter from their father that hints at money troubles and a possible suicide. Matthew confronts Thomas about this letter, punching the brother in the face. Thomas admits that their father was a con man and a liar, who spent all the company’s money and put them in deep debt. Thomas states that they cannot physically pay the claim and because of this cover-up they could also face serious jail time. Matthew is furious and turns to Becka for comfort.

In the flashback timeline, the girls go swimming together. Eva explains that she destroyed JP’s phone, so hopefully he’ll give up the manipulative games with Ursula now. She says the stress makes her lose sleep. Grace phones to arrange JP’s birthday and Ursula instantly backs out. One would expect the others to follow, but Bibi changes her mind and signs them all up for a paintball match. His dreams are to kill JP at this meeting by shooting him in the head. They ask Ursula for JP’s x-rays, so they can pinpoint exactly where the hole in his head is and prepare to fight it out.

Grace joins a dance class, but is overwhelmed by the skill of the other dancers and immediately leaves. While she is out JP sprays their kitten with the hose, the kitten runs down the road and is then run over by a passing car. He denies responsibility and lets Grace take the blame. When she returns home, Grace believes she knocked the cat over and her daughter says she hates her face. JP is really turning her into a horrible teenager.

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Ursula gets her hands on the x-ray and Bibi practices shooting a watermelon with her paintball gun. Her lens is off and even when she touches the fruit, nothing happens. There is not the slightest bump in the watermelon. Angry, Bibi leaves.

At work, Eva flirts with Gabriel and JP butters his boss, invites him on his boat and bakes him his favorite cake. JP also tries to get his boss to dislike Eva, “accidentally” showing him pictures of Eva while drunk on JP’s boat. Eva goes out drinking with Gabriel and the two finally kiss, but he goes on to reveal that he is actually gay and just wants to be her friend, much to Eva’s disappointment.

The end

Bibi continues to practice her aim, using a bow and arrow this time around. She triggered flashbacks of the car crash itself. JP took her home one night. He was driving erratically, accelerating and overtaking like crazy. Bibi protested, but he ignored her. She asked out, he ignored her and then they had a fight. JP swerved into the scuffle and lost control of the vehicle, crushing the car in the process. Bibi decides to freeze the paintball pellets instead, which breaks the watermelon into pieces.

In the final scene, the girls attend JP’s paintball party. He’s asked to play a special game called “shoot the bunny” and Grace is randomly chosen as the game’s bunny. She has to dress up as a bunny and avoid getting shot. JP happily shoots his wife multiple times during the match. Bibi swaps her pellets for jellies and takes aim. It’s a stressful and painfully tense sequence as Bibi hesitates to take the shot. Becka hits her on the shoulder, just as she pulls the trigger, causing Bibi to shoot off target. She punches the paintball instructor in the face instead, gouging out his eye in the process. Bibi breaks down crying then punches Becka in the face for this idiocy. It’s the most ironic of tragedies and JP escapes death for the third time now.

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