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Bad Sisters season 1, episode 4 recap – “Baby Becka”

September 3, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters season 1, episode 4, “Baby Becka,” contains spoilers.

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There’s a lot we still don’t know about the plot to assassinate JP, but one of the main questions that still remains unanswered is how involved Becka is in the scheme? Episode four focuses most of our attention on the young, naïve Sister Garvey, providing the audience with their own motive for wanting the brother-in-law dead.

bad sisters summary of season 1, episode 4

“Baby Becka” opens with Becka waxing her legs, getting ready for her hot date with Matthew later that night. We’re in the current timeline and the Claffin brothers are focusing on their next sister Garvey to interrogate. Matthew doesn’t know he’s about to knock on the door of his lover’s house. Becka and Matthew look at each other equally confused. This is going to be an awkward conversation to say the least.

Becka gets dressed quickly and then the interrogation begins. Becka states that she liked JP, although the other siblings seem indifferent. Matthew notices Becka getting several text messages while the chat is going on and he feels used by the woman. His questioning tactics become rather aggressive and he brings up his financial difficulties, which could be a main motive. Becka asks them to leave and they comply. Outside, Thomas is impressed by Matthew’s change of heart and he confesses that they were seeing each other. Thomas clearly wants to use this to his advantage, but Matthew is completely deflated.

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In flashbacks, Becka’s story is further explored. She pitches her business idea to JP, hoping he will invest. She needs money to start her own studio and JP seems interested. It’s an unusual and more bubbly side of the brother-in-law, though he finds time to put Grace down in front of her sister. Becka is delighted with JP’s interest and he verbally agrees to help her.

Bibi and Eva arrive with a kitten for Grace’s daughter. They still feel rather guilty for poisoning the pet dog instead of JP and use the cat as some sort of peace offering. Ursula is still reeling from JP’s manipulative prowess and seems distant when the sisters meet to chat. Becka comes to Eva’s to celebrate the signing of the studio lease, but the girls are all discouraged. Becka feels completely left out of all of their conversations and immaturely leaves.

A suspiciously kind JP shows his true colors in the bedroom, telling Grace he won’t lend Becka money. He lies saying that she must have misunderstood. It was just an act and now he wants Grace to tell his sister the bad news in person. Grace was there when JP agreed to provide the loan to Becka, but she continues to defend her deplorable husband. In the next scene, Grace explains the confusion, but Becka has already paid the first installment. She is massively broke and desperate for money. The younger sister just can’t understand JP’s demented behavior, but Grace won’t support her either and leaves with tensions still quite high.

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The end

Enraged by JP’s betrayal, Becka meets the other sisters to fume. Ursula confesses to JP’s vulgar scheme and how he manipulated her into sending him revealing photographs. Becka wants him dead and Bibi is dying to participate. Eva leaves and attempts to steal JP’s phone to delete the incriminating photos, but her plans backfire. She returns home to find the sisters plotting. Becka wants to participate in their plot to kill JP. Eva refuses at first but finally agrees, what else can she do, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. All four Garvey sisters now participate in the scheme.

In the current timeline, the Claffins try to speak kindly to the officer, but he refuses to exhume the body. Matthew and Becka’s strange romance takes an even more complicated turn as the two meet to discuss the previous confusion. They didn’t know each other’s last names, which is fair enough, but Matthew thinks Becka was using him and vice versa. Now it’s her turn to use it for real. Is he only dating her for the insurance claim? Does she know he uses it? These are questions that I hope will be explored in future episodes.

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