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Bad Sisters season 1, episode 10 recap – ending explained

October 15, 2022

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters season 1, episode 10 (finale), “Saving Grace”, the ending explained contains spoilers.

The general public has spoken, people need to know exactly who killed JP and how this vile excuse for a human being was killed. Well the bad sisters finale does not disappoint, bringing a satisfying and conclusive ending to one of Apple’s best originals to date. Sharon Horgan and his team have kind of built on each episode, keeping us hooked for ten installments now. The long wait is finally over, let’s dissect this captivating final episode.

bad sisters recap of season 1, episode 10 – the ending explained

“Saving Grace” opens with upbeat music set at a dark crime scene. JP sits on top of his quad and it’s safe to say he looks pretty dead. The sisters comfort a distraught Grace (played by Anne Marie Duff), which explains the events of the day before. They had a nice birthday meal, then they had a fight and JP went to the pub. That haunting opening credits play one last time and then we watch as the sisters laugh hysterically, elated at their undoubted luck.

The final then returns to the present for the majority of its running time. Thomas is still in the hospital, where he informs Matthew (played by Daryl McCormack) that his wife needs an emergency caesarean section. Thomas (played by Brian Gleeson) leaves his brother in charge of their affairs. Matthew then tries to hide from Becka (played by Eve Hewson), but she persists, wanting to know why he is ghosting her. Matthew brings up the sister’s lies and tears up their alibi.

Becka rushes to tell the others that Matthew is onto them, but they are sorting through JP’s clothes with Grace. After Grace leaves the room, they discuss the ramifications of Matthew’s findings. It’s telling that Eva speaks with the siblings as if they weren’t the ones who killed JP. Looks like they lied to insurers to cover up their other crimes, but they really weren’t responsible for JP’s painful end.

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The sisters begin to question each other, suspecting each other of foul play. Ursula ponders the idea that Ben might be the culprit and rushes home to find out the truth. Ben was repulsed by Ursula’s need to have JP killed and ended their relationship on the spot. Well, cross Ben off your suspect list everyone, he’s now irrelevant.

My second suspect was the silent but deadly Roger, and Matthew goes to question him next. In his messy abode, he finds a photo of Grace, with JP’s face ripped off. Roger grows tired of Matthew’s interrogation and lets out his hatred for the man, admitting that he visited JP the night he died, when he went to forgive his enemy. He demands that they pay Grace his money and asks her to leave. Matthew then crosses the road to Grace, where he mentions their mistaken alibis and lists JP’s many sins. Grace rushes inside to avoid further investigations.

Spying on Matthew brings him to JP’s cabin and he follows Thomas’s advice, rummaging through their trash. In their trash bag, he finds a newspaper that points to JP’s lies. He did not go to the pub to watch the game that night as the dates were wrong. Then he finds a DVD and lots of red thread. While Matthew investigates, Grace does her own spying. She finds JP’s disreputable search history and online chat with Roger, where he tried to frame his neighbor.

The sisters meet once again to deliberate over the tense developments. Ursula states that Ben didn’t, while Becka sticks to her story that she got drunk on the night in question. Grace walks into the room and the girls fall silent. She asks why the police did a second autopsy on JP and when the sisters don’t seem so surprised, she begins to pick up the pieces. Bibi quickly recognizes everything. The widow begins to break down and then confesses to her own crimes.

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Flashbacks reveal exactly what happened that night. JP and Grace headed to the bedroom, where things started to heat up. Unfortunately, JP couldn’t be excited and later blamed Grace for his under belt issues. An argument developed and JP said the sisters were the real problem. He admitted to having slept with Eva ten years ago. They were both drunk and she seduced him. Eva accused him of raping her and blamed the event for causing a miscarriage. Grace asks outright if he raped her and her answer only makes it worse. She slapped him, then he punched her in the stomach. Grace called him a liar and strangled the criminal to death with her own pajama bottoms.

The sisters are stunned by the confession and Eva confirms the revelations. JP raped her and she thinks that could have caused the miscarriage. The sisters all hold hands and try to comfort Grace. As this shocking twist unfolds, Matthew makes a similar discovery himself in the cabin. He plays the DVD found in the cabin and begins to clean up the mess he made. A death in the film matches how JP was found, a red scarf wrapped around the quad tire strangling him. Everything falls into place. Another flashback confirms this configuration. Grace knitted a scarf and staged the whole thing to look like an accident.

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The end

Bibi realizes that Grace had JP buried in the murder weapon – the pajama bottoms. As the sisters attempt to contemplate this searing revelation, Matthew calls Becka. She walks over to him, while Grace worries about going to jail. The sisters discover that Becka took the euthanasia drug with her and they race to stop her from committing murder.

Matthew exposes the evidence and Becka tries to defend Grace, sacrificing herself instead. Matthew knows the truth and he won’t back down. Becka considers poisoning Matthew, but cannot do so in the end. Heartbroken over rescuing his brother from prison or sending the Garvey sisters, he heads for the beach. Here, Matthew burns all the evidence and then he goes to meet his brother. Thomas is a dad, his wife has just had a beautiful little girl. Matthew congratulates him and reveals that Grace withdrew her claim.

Grace sells her house and moves in with Eva. She thanks Roger for his help, the neighbor delivering the series’ final surprise, he was the one who helped Grace move the body and stage JP’s quad accident. In the final scene, all the sisters get together to go swimming. Grace looks happy again and she jumps into the sea, freed from JP’s grip and eager to start her life over.

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