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Are Darkenfloxx, B-6 and N-40 in Spiderhead real and what do they do?

June 21, 2022

After seeing Top Gun: Maverickmany audiences will be more than willing to experience Joseph Kosinsk’s directing efforts.

His latest, Spiderhead, hit Netflix in June and stars Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller, telling the story of two inmates who make a connection while trying to come to terms with their pasts.

Experimentation is commonplace at the establishment, and the central characters find themselves navigating a series of problems under the watchful eye of the mysterious Steve Abnesti.

Watching the psychological thriller, you’ll no doubt feel compelled to raise the curtain and wonder which of the substances depicted in the film are real.

So, let’s focus on Darkenfloxx and other drugs in Spiderhead.

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from the trailer for Spiderhead, Netflix

What is Darkenfloxx in Spiderhead and is it a real drug?

Darkenfloxx isn’t a real drug but it’s taken straight from the source material, as the Spiderhead movie is based on George Saunders’ new Escape from Spiderhead.

Diving into its use, Jeff (played by Miles Teller) discovers that Darkenfloxx has an alternate name of I-16, and on the box, a gold star suggests the substance passed a test.

The drug is used to increase stress – both mental and physical – in the patient and Jeff and the others establish that all suffer from its effects after taking it.

Of course, it’s not the only drug administered to inmates at Spiderherad Penitentiary, although it’s the one that inflicts the most pain.

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Spider Head | Official trailer | netflix

BridTV10055Spiderhead | Official trailer | Netflix

N-40 and B-6 in Spiderhead explained

Screenrant reports that B-6 isn’t a real drug, and you might not be surprised to learn that N-40 isn’t real either.

We are introduced to the effects of N-40 during a scene in which Jeff sleeps with Heather and Sarah under its influence. The drug ultimately induces a positive reaction in the test subject, as the use of N-40 causes the user to appreciate the things around them more, eliciting feelings of optimism and passion. This is why a slight attraction turns into an extreme desire when taken.

On the other hand, B-6 – also known as OBDX – turns out to be a drug that if taken will force the user to do whatever is asked of them. This essentially makes you completely vulnerable to manipulation.

Of all the drugs explored in Spiderhead, it’s the most dangerous, and Jeff eventually discovers on his own that Dr. Abnesti has sinister plans for his corporate unveiling on the planet.

To bolster its potency, OBDX, or Obediex, rather, looks to obey. Again, the drug was featured in the news published in the New Yorker.

“I’m grateful it worked out”

Speaking to Cinemablend, Chris Hemsworth spoke about filming the sequence in which he was overwhelmed by the power of Darkenfloxx:

‘It was intense. I had to, I don’t know, in the span of a minute go through about four or five different emotions, and that was one thing that scared me reading the script. I thought it was going to be either really cool or really hokey and I’m grateful it worked out.

He continued, “Even if it was, think less and go for it, and let it be kind of visceral in my gut, if I tried to map that out too specifically and intellectually, I think it would have seemed orchestrated. ”

It turned out that it also had a huge effect on the audience.

Spiderhead streams exclusively on Netflix.

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