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Aranyak season 1 – who is the leopard man?

December 13, 2021

This article, “Who Is The Leopard Man,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Aranyak season 1 series.

Throughout the first season of Aranyak, There’s this fear that the Man-Leopard has returned, dubbed half-man / half-Leopard, a hybrid, a serial killer. It sounds like a fable, a myth, and as a viewer you can only assume that a psychopath with a claw first has been roaming the village for decades. By the end of Season 1, The Leopard-Man feels more like a subplot, as the plot around Aimee’s rape and death escalates, mingling with rogue politicians. Mahadev, however, is still on the hunt for the Leopard Man, an affair that has haunted him for decades. Plus, the owner of Cafe Govind is on the hunt after the serial killer killed his true love years ago.

Who is Leopard man in Aranyak season 1?

We can give you an answer, but it’s not a concrete answer because of a twist. Towards the end of Season 1, Mahadev finds out who he thinks is the Leopard Man after investigating in the background. He pins it on Minister Jagdamba’s servant – Nandan.

And it looks like Nandan just might be the serial killer. He has shaped his own claws and he slashes people with precision. Nandan claims he was pretending to be the serial killer to make it look like Aimee was raped and murdered by the serial killer to protect Minister Kanti’s son. The public is asking: is he the leopard man or not?

However, with one final twist, the identity of the Leopard Man was compromised at the end of Season 1. We are treated to a vague scene in the forest, and we can see a creature standing in the distance that could easily to be a half-man / half-leopard hybrid. Maybe it wasn’t a myth after all. Maybe there’s a real Leopard-Man there. If we’re entitled to Season 2 I’m sure we’ll find out.

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