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Alice in Borderland season 1, episode 7 recap – Burn the Witch

January 4, 2023

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This recap of Alice in Borderland season 1, episode 7 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking on these words.

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With the witch hunt underway, things are already getting chaotic here in the penultimate episode. It takes about five minutes for the beach dwellers to determine that Momoka’s best friend Asahi is the witch, but Usagi intervenes and An reveals to everyone that Hatter has been murdered. Of course, this begins to turn the population against the militants immediately, especially once they learn that the bullet used to kill Hatter is the same caliber as the ammunition found on the island. Once Anugi arrives and starts threatening to burn everyone, it’s absolute carnage.

As the militants start slaughtering everyone and setting them on fire, Usagi tries to find Arisu (he’s still tied to a chair somewhere and the hotel is lit), and An tries to take a more scientific approach. sprinkling the murder weapon for fingerprints. — turns out she worked in forensics before that. She and Kuina are confronted on their way out by the psychotic, face-tattooed crazed militant Last Boss, and Kuina holds her ground while An escapes. Elsewhere, Chishiya confronts Niragi on the rooftop as he shoots fleeing citizens with a gun. I have to say that I was surprised by a flashback meant to engender some sympathy for Niragi. Surely too little too late?

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Last Boss struggles with Kuina, who, according to a flashback, is transgender, and had a difficult relationship with her stern martial artist father, who kicked her out of the house after he discovered her wearing makeup. Last Boss even gets its own rollback, like a counter of sorts. By the time the fight resumes, we know a bit more about the two. But it’s not really a surprise that Kuina wins.

Meanwhile, Chishiya explains to Niragi that whoever rules the game must do so using the underground power grid, the knowledge and access to which was only available to the rulers. He’s determined to kill them all until he gets the key to that power grid, and he starts with Niragi, gifting him a homemade flamethrower.

Usagi manages to save Arisu with only three minutes to spare. He explains that the witch is forced to participate against her will, like the taggers earlier in the season. As Arisu ponders what he would do if he were the witch, we get a very brief flashback of Aguni and Hatter as the former gazes psychotically at the pyre of burning bodies. As Arisu speculates, An discovers the culprit, but before she can tell anyone, she is knocked unconscious. The penultimate episode ends with Arisu stating that he thinks he knows who the witch is.

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The post Alice in Borderland season 1, episode 7 recap – burns the witch appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.