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Alex Rider Season 2 Recap, Episode 6 – “Heist”

December 4, 2021

This Alex Rider Season 2, episode 6 recap, “Heist,” contains spoilers.

From “Heist”, we are two days before the global launch of Feathered Serpent 2 and any event Damian Cray plans to coincide with it. We know it has something to do with the President of the United States, an international organization called Scorpia and its enigmatic trigger Yassen Gregorovich, and possibly the war on drugs. Blunt worries that Alex – who is still “missing”, as far as he’s concerned, because even though Ms. Jones and Smithers both know he’s in Amsterdam, neither of them want to tell him. – will kill people with his interference. He might be right.

Alex Rider season 2, summary of episode 6

“Heist” is so called because a significant part of it finds Alex, Tom and Kyra in Amsterdam, locking up the Craystar International offices so they can break in, steal the game code and exit. That sort of thing is show at its best I think. It makes the most of the relationships between the younger characters – Tom is weirdly salty about Kyra’s presence, likely because, on Alex’s back meeting Sabina, he feels like impostors are monopolizing his best friend. – while Alex is determined to save the day despite the risk to himself, his friends, and people like Roper, whom Cray confronts as they travel together.

There’s a lot of fun jokes going into it, and a few decent suspenseful scenes as the plan falls into place. Tom and Kyra use an access card to the stolen Craystar complex from a delivery truck and do something to give it boss level access using a card reader (Kyra is a “hacker” in a largely convenient, so don’t worry too much about the details.)

While this is happening, Yassen begins to put a plan in place. He calls Scorpia to activate a cover identity, Thomas Ashton, and requisition £ 6.5million for the assassination of the US president. This, however, is a sting. Ashton’s identity is known to the security services, so the transaction is reported on their system and Smithers mobilizes a team at the registered address. Everything is in place to accuse Cray’s security chief of planning to kill the president. Of course, it’s obvious to us that Yassen is just putting this guy aside from the real plan, but the British think they’ve found the culprit.

“Heist” also relies on a classic device as Kyra needs time to copy the game’s secret encoding from Evelyn’s terminal. So she and Alex both have to go into hiding as Cray predictably returns to the office with Roper. Throughout the episode, Cray was slow to kill Roper, wanting to give him the opportunity to believe that Cray is really trying to help people. But when Roper realizes his boss is crazy he wants to get out, at which point Cray shoots a gun at him. Alex, however, doesn’t have that. He reveals himself to try to save Roper, but Cray shoots him anyway, leaving Alex and Kyra captive to the villain they were trying to take down.

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