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Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – How does Bu-yeon realize her true identity?

January 3, 2023

The post Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 recap – how does Bu-yeon realize her true identity? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8, which contains spoilers.

Filled with thrilling reveals, wrinkles, and plenty that will factor into next week’s finale, this episode of alchemy of souls season 2 proved to be a suitable appetizer for whatever is to come. It’s been a marathon of a series, but based on this chapter, it really looks like we’ll get a conclusive and worthwhile payoff.

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

When their passionate kiss is interrupted by the energy of UK ice stone felt by Bu-yeon, the couple decides that they sincerely want to be together. As such, the couple must find a way to convince Ho-gyeong to leave her eldest daughter away from home. Uk is convinced he can, happily practicing his marriage proposal routine in front of Bu-yeon, but concerns quickly arise when the monster hunter recalls his previously terse experiences with the Jinyowon leader. So, the priestess decides that she will go home first, and then try to talk to her mother about the situation once she is made “comfortable”.

Amid her sweet request to have her partner “secretly visit” while she was away, Bu-yeon stuns Jang Uk again, this time with her exclamation that “from the moment” she first saw him, she knew he was her husband. It’s way too close to a phrase the UK has previously used about Naksu being her master – as evidenced by the fact that this also causes the priestess to regain more memories – and the scene ends with an intriguing line about how this time Bu-yeon “recognized” her partner first.

As Lady Heo hear that Seo Yul decided to take responsibility for his life in exchange for Bu-yeon returning home, the doctor becomes curious as to why the genius mage didn’t mention that the priestess is Naksu. Elsewhere, says Jang Uk Jin Park and Kim maid that he will do whatever he can to appease Ho-gyeong’s hatred, so that she can be convinced to let him marry her daughter.

Acting tense, Seo Yul bluntly tells Bu-yeon that he’s not sure his time with Jang Uk will be good for the couple, considering they’re going to hurt each other. Additionally, the genie says that the priestess wouldn’t consider him a friend if she “knew what I planned to do in Danhyanggok.” However, when pressed about his upset attitude, Yul admits he is in pain, deflated by the knowledge that someone he “cherished for a long time” will soon pass away.

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At this point, Bu-yeon regains more memories, and she is then encouraged to go to Danhyanggok to find out her true identity, in addition to why she and Jang Uk will harm each other. Yet the priestess is unwilling to make such a pilgrimage despite her friend’s offer of help before we cut to see Lady Heo listening in the background.

As Jang Uk is asked to bring his gold plate to a meeting with the Heir princeSeo Yul visits the body of So I. Here, the genius mage is touched by the con man’s retention of the umbrella he once gave him, in addition to his words about how he made the world “clean and bright”, so states that he will attend his funeral. Simultaneously, Bu-yeon wonders if she should go to Danhyanggok, only to seem much less motivated upon seeing the scar given to Jang Uk by Naksu, no longer wishing to regain the assassin’s memories.

Afterwards, Seo Yul visits Ho-gyeong and tells him that he will help Naksu if she wishes to live alongside Jang Uk. Jinyowon’s leader is enraged by this, responding by saying that she would have no reason to keep the assassin alive then, but she hesitates upon hearing Master Lee had told the genius mage that Bu-yeon’s soul would soon return to his body. “Just let her stay where she wants, with whoever she wants to be with, for a while,” Yul says, obviously wanting Naksu to have what she desires until the moment her soul is kicked out of the body. Elder of Ho-gyeong. daughter.

Realizing that the crown prince knows his birth story and seemingly unwilling to fight the royal for the gold plate, Jang Uk agrees to become general of the Northern Fortress. This is particularly pleasing to Jin Mu, who believes the monster hunter, much like Park Jin, is “restrained by justice.” Yet, as we see, Jang Uk actually asks the former leader of Songrim for help if he should engage in conflict, insisting that his actions were born out of “careful deliberation” and with a knowledge of what he must protect.

Consumed by curiosity, Lady Heo takes Bu-yeon to the Dark Forest and douses him with medicine, seeking to reveal the signs of a soul-shifter. However, Seo Yul intervenes before the blue marks proving Naksu’s existence can be revealed, then sends the priestess away so he can clear things up with the reckless doctor. Nonetheless, Bu-yeon later ends up seeing the shadow assassin’s blue marks in her own reflection, causing her to both regain memories and wonder if she is really her.

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While traveling to Danhyanggok, Bu-yeon stands in front of the big tree which she remembers vividly. There, her remaining memories return and she confirms to herself that she is Naksu. Although no thinking time is allowed, the soul of a young Bu-yeon appears, explaining to the assassin that she will soon have to leave the body she is in.

Distraught, Bu-yeon is left alone for hours until Jang Uk arrives to greet her. Naturally, it ends in an unhappy reunion, a reunion where the guilt-ridden priestess cuts ties with the monster hunter on the based on his painful rediscovered memories. Worse, Bu-yeon was so cryptic with his words during the breakup, Uk is led to believe that his explanation of “the man I care deeply about” isn’t him.

As Bu-yeon returns to Jinyowon, recounting Cho-yeon she wanted to live somewhere familiar to her and away from others, Jang Uk prepares to leave for the North Fortress, her mission being to bring the “same kind of peace and stability” to Daeho that Seo Gyeong brought to Daeho. Sehoho. In the meantime, the Crown Prince will protect Daeho alongside Cheonbugwan as they prepare for the lake rite of praying for rain. Elsewhere, Ho-gyeong realizes that Naksu’s soul is still in his daughter’s body.

Unable to bear how much he misses Bu-yeon, Jang Uk secretly visits him one last time before he departs for the Northern Fortress. Here, the monster hunter emotionally tries in vain to get answers about the person the priestess “cares deeply about”, though he gets the opportunity to sincerely express his love for her and declare that he will be waiting. that Bu-yeon misses. him, then come back “sooner than expected”.

Afterwards, Seo Yul reflects on Master Lee’s words, dithering about Jang Uk having the power of Hwansu, and will soon “agonize” over whether to expel Bu-yeon’s soul from his body to keep the one. of Naksu there. Meanwhile, we see Lee Cheol discovered the “sacred” turtle with “black turtle energy” rejected by JinMugrateful that he is willing to help another person “find their way”.

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As the crown prince tells Jin Mu that he will support him, excited to become as powerful as Jang Uk, Park Jin correctly predicts ‘uproar’ now that the general public has seen the firebird run aground on Lake Gyeongcheondaeho. Most pleased with this is the Gwanju, who knows this panic will help him use the Unanimous Assembly in the Rite of the Lake. Additionally, Jin Mu asks the Crown Prince to help him continue importing his faience, which in turn will help him claim Jinyowon for himself.

Helping her outraged mother, who found out that a Jinyowon priestess won’t dance at the lake rite, Bu-yeon heads to the region’s plaque that allows them to defy royal orders, wanting to reunite with the Gwanju she adores. remember clearly now. Although what actually happens is much more complex.

The ending explained

Arriving with the once-discarded turtle, Bu-yeon insists on proving that her divine powers can protect Jinyowon’s plate (meaning the coveted item isn’t confiscated). As such, she is tasked with fetching the plaque in one day inside Gwido, a prison used to hold those who practiced witchcraft, which was established by Jin Seol-ran.

Accompanied by her turtle, Bu-yeon enters a dangerous environment. Here she follows her pet, hoping it will lead her to the plate, only to end up attacked by a wraith before she can claim a blue orb. Amazingly, Jang Uk is there to protect the priestess, effectively eliminating the threat to her love. Still, he soon becomes more concerned about who Bu-yeon really is, and the episode ends with Uk questioning his partner upon noticing the blue marks in her eyes.

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The post Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 recap – how does Bu-yeon realize her true identity? first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.