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Alchemy of Souls season 1, episode 6 recap – upping the ante

July 3, 2022

This Netflix K-Drama Alchemy of Souls Season 1, Episode 6 recap contains spoilers.

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alchemy of souls summary of season 1, episode 6

After a flashback showing Seo Yul being rejected by Naksu, who swore to kill him if they ever saw each other again, we return to the present. There, the mage stands in the same position as that day, remembering the fact that he could not stop the person he cared about from leaving, nor ask her why she did what she did. did when he found his sincerity cut in half, and their memories can no longer be cherished. “It became a secret that I had to bury in my heart,” Seo Yul adds, before turning to see Mu-deok behind him, wondering why he gets up so early.

A quick back-and-forth of a bird being caught, eating, and being pushed away ensues, showing Seo Yul looking rather emotional at the re-emergence of her former love. He dismisses the idea of ​​breakfast when Mu-deok offers it, only to later go back on his word, wishing to eat before leaving, his claim to change his mind being that he first only said no, because he didn’t want to. to overwhelm the maid who might well have had a hangover. Together, the pair then prepare food in a rather lighthearted scene, cutting through the tension that seemed to linger when the two first came together as a dazed Dang-gu eagerly comments on the events with a jealous Jang Uk.

At mealtimes, Jang Uk’s jealousy over the attention Seo Yul received increases, leading to a petty quarrel with her master after the food is consumed. “He’s not lazy or reckless like you,” Naksu says when asked if she’d like Seo Yul to be her student, asking her not to cheat. But it’s clear there’s a bit of evil in Jang Uk’s ways, even if it doesn’t fully manifest.

Later, the group stands to look at the big tree mentioned in the last episode, with Seo Yul reminiscing more about her old love days, and Dang-gu curious that you can see all of Danhyanggok in one. place. However, this all gives way to disappointment soon enough, as Mu-deok heeds his student’s previous request and refuses to climb the tree with Seo Yul.

Meanwhile, Park Jin discusses with Heo Yeom and Master Lee the need to target the origin of soul-displacement sorcery, with the former admitting his suspicions of Cheonbugwan and a quickly struck deal for a discreet sighting of the place. An important nugget remains in this scene as well, as Master Lee’s curiosity is piqued when Naksu is mentioned, leading him to realize he may have felt his soul in Danhyanggok.

As Jang Uk allows Dang-gu to bring his father’s sword back to servant Kim, Seo Yul talks with Mu-deok about life in Danhyanggok and whether it was too cold in the winter. We see how much he cared about Naksu, just like his former love, who reads the signals well enough to subtly reassure him about the good weather. Again, Jang Uk finds himself jealous, as Dang-gu notices that his friend’s master doesn’t look at them the same way she looks at Seo Yul.

As Mu-deok is irritated that Jang Gang’s sword is about to be returned, Jang Uk sees his friends leaving after a discussion about the spirit plate, the duel, the harsh words of the youngster’s former teachers. master and if he does what Park Jin asked (who remains distraught). Stirred, Jang Uk informs his friends that he is being reckless instead, before retrieving his sword under the pretense that he will use it to catch a pheasant. Worried, the two mages leave their rookie friend alone, as Jang Uk prepares to train ruthlessly to avoid being a laughing stock. Elsewhere, Park Jin wants the recovered Spirit Plate to continue to be tracked, but also shows concern for the man he banished from Songrim.

Although the link bracelet has proven to be a useful training tool, Jang Uk is warned that removing it could lead to even more recklessness. The young master then asks his teacher about his discussion with Seo Yul, which ties in perfectly with his confession to Songrim that he met Naksu when the two were younger. And, while she doesn’t have much information to share with the elders about who she was, Seo Yul is able to reveal that the assassin’s father was a grudged Constellation Recorder Mage. Instantly, Park Jin realizes who it is, and Naksu’s backstory is put together.

Remembering Seo Yul’s words about his affection for her, Mu-deok withdraws when he goes to burn the bird’s whistle, choosing to look into their relationship instead. The next day, the focus shifts back to training, with the assassin expressing the idea that Tansu is the only way for his student to stay alive against the Crown Prince. Thus, practice begins on it, first with waterdrop slicing, then with an increased ante once it is established that such a skill is a necessity for the upcoming duel.

As Jang Uk continues to persevere in her training, we get a quick aside that shows Master Lee’s realization that Mu-deok is indeed no maid, before quickly returning to other attempts at mastering the skills, in addition to failed episodes of energy control. And, as Jang Uk continues his practice, Master Lee confronts Naksu about whether his student is aware that his next steps could lead to death.

In time, Master Lee warns Jang Uk about the rotten energy that could kill him, dampening the enthusiasm of the passionate trainer who worries about his teacher’s lie. Yet a humorous scene follows, revolving around harmless flirting and surprise attacks. Meanwhile, Jin Mu explains the King’s Star to the Crown Prince and exposes the royal’s fear of someone with such energy appearing. Then he objects further, saying he should take out Jang Uk in the duel, to “get rid of” his fears while he is able.

After rumors spread regarding Jang Uk’s potential marriage to the Jin Family, both with the Crown Prince and the other four seasons of Daeho, we see firsthand Cho Yeon’s intentions to use the room of Bu-yeon (who her mother says will return after a decade), as well as a small tease that Dang-gu might have feelings for the woman holding a flame for someone else.

Making wedding rings with a yin-yang jade believed to deepen love, we see a wicked look in the mirror as Cho Yeon exits. Meanwhile, Master Lee is perplexed by the absence of pheasant at mealtime, but is ready to share the news of Jang Uk’s expected wedding, much to the young master’s surprise. Shocked, Jang Uk then ends up bickering with Mu-deok about the marriage which he had no idea.

Obviously smitten by her scent of love perfume, Dang-gu is tasked with delivering the wedding letter to his friend, in addition to lending his hand to help make the wedding rings. Jealous, the mage refuses, but his words cause a slight sting in Jang Uk’s deeply in love wife (enough for Dang-gu to immediately change his mind).

Realizing why the wedding might be happening, Jang Uk further teases the idea of ​​marriage, until he realizes it would end his deal with Mu-deok. As such, he lets her part without arresting her, which then allows the maid to be captured by people residing in Cheonbugwan. Once there, she is strewn with make-up before the Crown Prince arrives due to a misunderstanding of his identity, but the topic of conversation is anything but the initial comedy suggests. The reason Mu-deok was called is to warn Jang Uk not to show up for the duel, as the royal does not want to kill his enemy, or become an enemy of Songrim or the Jang family. The crown prince wants Jang Uk to stay in hiding and then marry the Jin family, which obviously upsets the maid.

After rejecting an offer to be picked up by the royal, Mu-deok dates the crown prince annoyed and Jin Mu’s men intrigued. Meanwhile, Jang Uk returns to servant Kim, pleasing her with her shock appearance. Also, Seo Yul attempts to unravel the attempted sale of Songrim’s spirit plate, discovering that it was indeed Mu-deok who originally wanted to get rid of it.

Somewhat encouraged by the idea that she may have been fired by Jang Uk because of her marriage, Seo Yul becomes interested in Mu-deok’s appearance and his attempts to sell the spirit plate. “I can’t understand you,” the genius mage says upon hearing a response describing someone who just wants to have fun, only to hear that they should stay that way. In the background, Jin Mu’s underling realizes that the person he has been watching is indeed Naksu.

Opposing the wedding, Jang Uk tries to explain the situation, but servant Kim realizes he has feelings for someone else. So she tries to dig deeper, only for the investigation to bear no fruit other than an admission that there is someone the Young Master is romantically interested in. Then their conversation turns to the injuries suffered by Jang Uk, and the knowledge that they must come from a lack of energy control.

Then comes some tension, as Mu-deok finds herself jealous of Lady Jin’s appearance when she tries to sell her silk dress, while the bride-to-be is angered by the suggestion that the supposed maid is ” attached at the hip” for Jang Uk, and could have won her heart. This leads to a rather bitter discussion of how Mu-deok will soon serve Lady Jin as well, in addition to a potential attempt to get the maid in trouble by charging her with the broken yin-yang jade. Though she reconsiders her hasty exit when Jin Mu’s underling reappears, accepting the jade’s hit just so she won’t be trapped.

The end

At the Jin family’s home, the birds are angered by the arrival of Mu-deok, who herself feels a strong surge of energy. Concerned, Cho Yeol’s mother watches in amazement as to what could have caused such a thing. Meanwhile, servant Kim wants Jang Uk to reconsider, but the young master begins to open up about his true identity and warns that he must not be stopped no matter what he does. Afterwards, Jang Uk is called to see Lady Jin’s family, where an audience is waiting to confront the rookie mage about the disappearance of his maid and a treasure from Jinyowon. A quick scene of Mu-deok getting sucked into the wicked mirror confirms the disappearance, and the episode ends with a worried Jang Uk wondering why the yin-yang jade came with her.

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