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Alchemy of Souls season 1, episode 15 recap – methodical plot building

August 7, 2022

This Netflix K-Drama Alchemy of Souls Season 1, Episode 15 recap contains spoilers.

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alchemy of souls summary of season 1, episode 15

We begin with a trip down memory lane, where Heo Yeom speaks to his master, whom he wishes to release after 100 days of meditation. However, it becomes clear that the man is deceased, or at least it appears that way until we find out that the mage had in fact moved the soul into the body of a young orphan. It was supposed to be a test for Hwansu, but Heo Yeom ruined it by hastily burning the initial soul host, which meant that a little boy had to become Lee Cheol.

Then we return to the present, where Master Lee confesses that he is a soul transmitter for the royal family. Claiming to be able to see others of his kind, the teacher seems quietly confident that he will get to the bottom of the matter surrounding the ice stone. Meanwhile, So-i protects Seo Yul by informing him of an assassin that no one else knows his face. Although we also find that his willingness to lie gets Kim from Sari Village in trouble, as a scene unfolds that shows his interaction with the future Bu-yeon before his death. Still, So-i is sneaky in stealing the man’s money after the murder, showing that even if she’s not too excited about what’s going on, she can definitely hold her own.

Afterwards, Mu-deok narrowly avoids a chance encounter with So-i, before talking with Cho-yeon about the Jinyowon resident’s purchase of scalper tickets to the Seochun magic show she wants to attend with Dang-gu. (even though she lies about going with her mother). Then we see Park Jin arrive, believing he caught the maid after the murder. Initially unconvinced that Mu-deok was not the assailant, the leader of Songrim continues to suspect that she might be somewhat involved upon learning that those killed were all interested in the fate of a “swindler from the village of Sari,” who he believes could be the woman now on the run. Outside, Naksu wonders what kind of life his host body might have lived before he inherited it, and who So-i might be.

As So-i ends up screaming for her arrogance regarding the identity she is about to steal, future Bu-yeon smugly retorts that she will soon be technically high-ranking. Following this, she asks someone where Mu-deok is, only to find herself shocked at the thought of her friend working as a maid, as well as the fact that she can apparently see. Later, once another death occurs due to someone learning So-i’s identity, the scammer wonders if Mu-deok was still able to see and states that she should visit him. Meanwhile, servant Kim is in disbelief that the maid she’s become reasonably close to has committed murder (or solicited it with the help of a mage), though she seems shocked. when Park Jin brings up the idea of ​​Mu-deok having something. serious to hide.

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As Mu-deok and Ju-wol look at two more corpses at the start of the first’s quest to find out who So-i is, we return to the palace. There, the King trusts Master Lee to search for Soul Shifters, with the Eternal Mage happy to search for them by instilling fear of getting caught in them. It’s a modest tactic, but the professor has a pretty exciting gift for stunning the queen to give too, Gwigu the dog. After being sent to bring the animal back inside in exchange for a reward, Jang Uk finds himself considering running away, but recognizes that he is not yet strong enough to protect his master, he is therefore unable to do anything except follow orders and wonders what Master Lee wishes to do.

As we find out, the queen had ordered Cheonbugwan to intervene in the matter, since there are more than 10 soul shapeshifters in the palace, so she is trying to buy time by opposing the case. introduction of the “cunning beast” into the building. . However, Master Lee is on hand to reassure the Royal Family that the dog can only sensitize people to these monsters by barking, so it looks like he will be allowed in. causing the king to anxiously order his guests to catch him.

Again, when Master Lee attempts to explain the purpose of her gift, the Queen objects, masking her own fears under the guise of protecting her husband. Claiming it to be an attempt at humiliation, Ha-sun appeals to the king to stop the search for soul-shifters, while Jin Mu orders his men to kill Gwigu before he can. unable to enter the palace, taunting Jang Uk in the process.

Continuing, Jin Mu fails in his task of keeping the “insolent men of Songrim” away from the palace, which leads to heated tensions between two districts of Daeho. When things calm down and Jang Uk’s outside confrontation is also cut short, the king speaks calmly with Master Lee, but is warned of the risk of a “greater conflict” if the Ice Stone is revealed to the world. Adding that someone is making the Soul Ejectors again, the royal looks surprised, instantly wishing to know who is in possession of the Ice Stone. He’s told a simple fact, that he probably belongs to those who sent Naksu to the palace and “turned a Songrim mage into a soul shapeshifter.”

After the subtle revelation to the King that another man was born with the energy of the King Star, we take a brief look at Jang Uk as Master Lee recounts that the seven star energy surrounding the young master will not yet be visible. . “A power strong enough to defy the laws of nature and wreak havoc on the world has returned,” says the experienced mage, acknowledging that someone strong enough to keep the world from going off balance should have appeared as well. Afterwards, Master Lee leaves, taking Gwigu with him, confident that he has seen what he needs.

As Seo Yul wonders what Master Lee knows about Mu-deok, in addition to what Jang Uk will do if he finds out about Naksu, the young master shows his naivety by stating his disappointment that Gwigu was not authorized at least bite someone. Thus, the idea of ​​preventing a fight between Songrim and the royal family is explained to him, before Master Lee is summoned by the crown prince. Elsewhere, an angry Jin Mu warns a soul shapeshifter that she will become petrified if the queen is endangered, calling her a “useless fool” due to her lack of planning for the reunion that almost revealed the identity of the monster. But he still has something to cling to, vocalizing that it will be the end of Songrim if people find out the King’s Star was created by sorcery.

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During the meeting with the crown prince, Lee Cheol is informed of the rumor that Naksu is alive after having changed his soul, causing quiet concern from Jang Uk and Seo Yul. Meanwhile, Mu-deok asks a curious servant Kim for a favor, but is told to run away to prevent the young master from being drawn into a controversy. However, maid Songrim continues to press for help, knowing she must find the real killer so her name can be cleared. The plan includes testimony from Lady Jin that would help prove that Mu-deok was not in the room at the time of the inn murders, so the maid demands to be taken to Jinyowon.

Afterwards, Mu-deok bumps into So-i outside the house, causing the latter to contemplate the lack of recognition from the woman she believes is still her friend. There’s also a brief moment of humanity from the con artist in this scene, as she wishes to trade umbrellas with a child upon acknowledging that it’s the same design that Seo Yul gave her. Meanwhile, the detailed discussion of Naksu continues at the crown prince’s house, where hints of Master Lee’s full awareness of the situation involving the former assassin and Jang Uk are clear.

Following scenes of rumors of Lady Heo and Jang Uk’s affection spreading as she tends to his wound, it is seen that Dang-gu has already fallen in love with the idea that the two might get engaged. Seo Yul, on the other hand, has more important things on his mind, wanting to take Mu-deok to Seoho’s stronghold as soon as possible due to his fear of his Soulswitching identity being exposed. Elsewhere, Master Lee asks the crown prince if he can receive Naksu’s sword.

Afterwards, Mu-deok uses Ho-gyeong as bait to get Cho-yeon to agree to help clear the maid’s name. Something else also arises during the former assassin’s visit to Jinyowon, as she wonders who the young girl in the house portrait might be as she waits for her enemy to return, stunned by what she believes to be the incense stick. However, Mu-deok oversteps the mark by trying on the cloth used to shield a blind person’s eyes, prompting an emergent Ho-gyeong to slap her in anger after she appears to harbor faint hopes that her daughter has been discovered.

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In the secret room, Woo-tak, who we find out is not Bu-yeon’s biological father, helps implant a worm into So-i that will allow the Jin family’s blood to escape. to cross. There’s also an added caveat, which is that if sorcery isn’t used to keep the being alive, it will start to eat the trickster from the inside. So if she tries to run away, she will simply be eaten. Simultaneously, servant Kim explains Bu-yeon’s story to Mu-deok, making her think that she might have felt something earlier because of her body’s original blindness.

Taken to Songrim, Jang Uk finds himself locked up and waits for Park Jin. Mu-deok suffered the same fate of being taken into care, as the two are now apparently considered suspects. Upon hearing the news, Seo Yul demands to see the corpses that prompted this interrogation, finding that they are the thugs he fought with some time ago. Here it becomes apparent that the genius mage may also have doubts about the kills.

Soon, Cho-yeon testifies to prove Mu-deok’s innocence, exposing her presence at the inn in the name of justice. Sang-ho also jumps into the proceedings, believing that So-i might be the culprit due to the words of Chwiseonru’s landlord, while Seo Yul backs up the theory by informing Park Jin that he too saw a girl arguing. with the now deceased thugs. However, the head of Songrim believed the maid to be innocent anyway, stating that he locked her up with Jang Uk to ask about something else.

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The end

What follows is a sinister attempt to try and uncover Mu-deok’s secret, with Park Jin lying about the former assassin committing murder (for Naksu, he changes the tactic slightly to say he was informed of her secret) to try to evoke a reaction, while claiming that if the imprisoned duo’s statements don’t match, Jang Uk will stay in the secret room and her maid will die. Luckily, the two are aware of what’s going on, so manage to say the same thing, subsequently securing their release.

After a deflated Park Jin lets them go, the two reunite outside, knowing they’ve confessed their feelings for each other through an unwitting mediator. And, even though Mu-deok tries to appease the situation by asking his student to assess her life in the future, he wishes to continue risking things for love, wanting her to stick to her confession to the place. Then, with a calm gaze, the episode ends.

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