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A Model Family season 1, episode 3 recap – a shallow grave

August 12, 2022

This recap of A Model Family season 1, episode 3 contains spoilers. You can check out all of our coverage of this show by clicking on these words.

It is ingrained in most parents to do their best for their children. Something instinctive, natural, like breathing. Dong-ha’s determination to provide for her family is nothing new. It goes back years, to their first difficulties. But was his desire always realistic? That’s a different, more difficult question. Which improvement constitutes “better”? Where does it stop? When should a hypothetical future be abandoned for the present reality?

A Model Family season 1, episode 3 recap

This is probably what soured Eun-ju on her husband in the first place. But it opens a window into Dong-ha’s psyche. He has spent his life, or at least the last few years, desperately trying to improve his situation – and failing. His wife scolds him. His children do not respect him. Such a man is likely to make very bad decisions and be manipulated, which we will come back to later.

Either way, the net is getting tighter, to put it mildly. Dong-ha’s neighbor may have suffered the punishment for his sins so far, but it’s still a bit too close to his home, and neither the police nor Kwang-chul want to let the affair.

Of course, this lack of subtlety also doesn’t bode well for Kwang-chul himself and has made a mess so far that will likely reverberate, albeit in a weird way, the malice of the plot is quite enjoyable. No one seems to really know what they’re doing on this show, and there’s a truthfulness to that winging sense that helps build suspense.

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Admittedly, this episode gets a head start after catching up with the events of the first outing’s prologue, with Dong-ha being buried alive. Kwang-chul finally decides to have Dong-ha dug up to use as an asset, referring to what I said at the top. He is a desperate man, after all. And desperate men will do things other people won’t. What choice do they really have?

You can stream A Model Family season 1, episode 3 exclusively on Netflix.

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