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A League of Their Own season 1, episode 8 recap – ending explained

August 12, 2022

This recap of Amazon’s original series A League of Their Own (2022) season 1, episode 8 — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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A league apart recap of season 1, episode 8 – the ending explained

The Rockford Peaches lost 2-0, and with another loss they will be eliminated. Carson has gone soft, according to Greta. And it has to do with Charlie’s presence. So, Carson asks Charlie to leave. Yeah, she did that. He can’t even watch the game so he will stay at the hotel. But wait, that’s not enough either. She wants him to come home to Idaho. He’s understandably hurt, and to make matters worse, his pride is bruised because she hands him his salary to take home. (She was not allowed to open a bank account as he was out of the country).

He’s a nicer guy than most because he says he’ll see her in a week and she’ll come back as champion. Carson offers the team a pep talk inspired by A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. She then confronts Shirley about what she has to say. Shirley says she lied to him. Carson replies that she doesn’t care anymore, she’s part of them and Shirley is free to do whatever she wants. The Peaches win the next two, and the series is now tied. Things are going so well. Ms. Vivienne offers Greta a job in her home office in New York during the offseason.

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Maxine goes to her parents’ house for dinner and brings Clance. His dad is too excited about his new baseball job. Her mother, Toni, however, is taken aback by her new cropped haircut. Toni takes her to the kitchen after dinner to have dessert and tells her about Toni’s side of the family. She shows her letters about how her family settled in Rockford. Single women, without a man by their side, especially those who look like them, are the ones who are always in danger. Max visits Bertie before she leaves with her team and offers her advice and places to visit that will be safe for her in Iowa.

Max goes on a road trip in Minnesota. Birdie stops by to see Toni, and it turns out she’s mad at her brother because she left their house and Toni had to take care of things on her own. When Max arrives in town, she calls Clance to check in. They have a brief conversation. Clance hangs up the phone, turns around and Toni is in the kitchen. Clance didn’t tell Max, but she’s pregnant. She has Toni there to ask her questions about how to handle motherhood.

In the Blue Sox and Peaches championship game, Jo batted in one run to take the lead in the third inning. However, Carson drives in two runs with a triple in the fourth to take the lead. However, they are now down two points heading into the ninth. They get aggressive with Carson’s score, and now Lupe and Esti are at second and first base. Lupe starts talking to Esti in Spanish, telling her to fly, and they do. A double flight! Shirley then drives Lupe, heading down the tied ninth. Well, except Jo hits a home run to end the game.

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Jo rounds first base. She stumbles and hurts her knee. The rule is that she must touch the sacks without the help of her team or the Blue Sox will have to forfeit. So since they were one and Jo was one, Carson and Greta, with the whole team behind them, helped Jo hit all the bases, so they became GPBL champions.

The end

On their last night together, Beverly and Jess (I love both characters) talk. She pays Jess all the fines she collected from her for wearing pants all season. Greta and Carson are also talking in the kitchen. She asks Carson to go to New York. Before Greta leaves, however, Carson runs outside to pull Greta away for one last kiss. Carson will not accompany her to New York, but she will not return to Charlie either. Carson thanks her for changing his whole life. Greta leaves, Carson turns around and Charlie stands there with flowers and looks white as a ghost.


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