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A League Of Their Own Season 1, Episode 3 Recap – “The Cut Off”

August 13, 2022

This recap of Amazon’s original series A League of Their Own (2022) season 1, episode 3, “The Cut Off,” contains spoilers.

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A league apart season 1 episode 3 summary

Carson has some interesting dreams. Things are always heating up A separate league. She dreams of her husband, Charlie (Patrick J. Adams), showing up in his uniform, and they jump into bed together. Her roommate woke up to see they were in the middle of foreplay. It’s Greta, and she wants to make it a threesome. Just when she has the two sucking her neck like two The Great Garfield Window toys, she wakes up. Moments later, she talks with Greta about just being friends. Mrs. Gill reminds him that being friends can be interpreted in many ways.

The Rockford Peaches are in last place under Dove management. The team complains about his training style, his lack of training and the reduction of some dead weights. The team is paid, but Jess deduces that this will be his last paycheck to Carson. Meanwhile, Lupe is taken under her wing by Dove and does interviews with the press. Dove brags about his time with Joe Dimaggio. He then calls his star pitcher “Little Dove” and “The Spanish Striker”. However, this is all for the cameras. When her arm starts to feel pain, he plays like she’s just tired and uninjured. When the team attempts to remedy Dove’s lack of practice, Carson approaches him with a pie. It doesn’t work, so Greta and Jo mock her appropriately. When Jo talks to Dove about her coaching, he makes her do laps.

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Max and Greta organize a practice at night to help them improve. You know, since Dove refuses to have them. They win the game, despite their star pitcher, who needs a rest and loses a drop on her forkball. Practice is going well and Carson is a good coach. However, Greta and Carson grow closer, which makes Jo jealous. Greta tries to kiss Carson in the kitchen, but she pulls away and tells him not to kiss her because she’s normal. Later, when Greta is on a date, with Carson assigned to escort her, it is Carson who is jealous that Greta is on a date, and she tricks the poor guy into not is not a “real” doctor because he is a veterinarian.

Lupe is out of the loop. Why? Because of his allegiance to Dove. Eventually, Lupe confronts Esti about what’s going on, and she relents but ultimately makes her go to Carson. Of course, her catcher begs her to tell Dove to let her rest. Does Lupe finally tell Dove that she knows her body needs a break? No, she tells Dove what happened and he threatens Carson to never come behind her back again. She is benched.

Max faces a tough decision at a church revival. She goes over her plan with Clance. Max will work in his factory at night – to play on the baseball team – then in the living room during the day. It was then that Clance passed out. Was it the heat? We don’t know, but it looks like she’s pregnant with me. It is later confirmed when Max’s father, Edgar (Swingers Alex Desert), talks to her husband, Guy.

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They’re sitting on the porch, having a drink, and he pulls out an egg. He tells her that he has to take care of the egg. If he can, then he can be a good father. (Hope you think what I’m thinking – where did he get the egg and does he carry one all the time?). Except it wasn’t. Clance’s husband, the Guy, received a notice of meeting, and she never told him he had two days to show up.

The end

The show ends with Max finally telling his mother that she has a job at the factory. She wants to work there, not co-own her mom’s salon, and play baseball. In the next game, Dove takes Lupe out of the game and Carson tells Dove in front that he humiliated her. Carson gets a phone call from Charlie, who tells him he’s in Dublin on leave and doesn’t want to waste a moment of his life. Carson apologizes to Charlie for the letter but says he never received it. The episode ends with Charlie hanging up the phone, and he’s not in Ireland but in an infirmary. Did Charlie suffer from a psychological breakdown?

Anyway, that inspires Carson to grab Greta and take her somewhere private, and the last time we see them, they’re approaching second, and I’m guessing the third base coach is telling them will say to round off third and head for home plate.

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