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A Jazzman’s Blues 2 – will there be a sequel to A Jazzman’s Blues?

September 25, 2022

This article explains whether there will be A Jazzman’s Blues 2, a sequel to the Netflix movie A Jazzman’s Blues, and will contain spoilers.

The blues of a jazzman is the passion project of Tyler Perry. This premiered at TIFF and is currently streaming on Netflix. Perry takes us back to 1987 when a stack of letters are handed over to a state attorney general as possible evidence in the long unsolved Bayou murder case. (Joshua Boone). It’s another star-crossed lovers story as Bayou meets Leanne (Solea Pfieffer)they fall in love, but Leanne’s relatives forbid the relationship, and the couple is torn apart.

Years later, after living their separate lives, they reunite and Bayou is a successful musician. They still have feelings for each other and it’s hard for Bayou to see Leanne with anyone else. They become different people, and Perry explores their journey in this film. People have been very excited for Tyler Perry because it’s his first official script and he’s been working on it for a while. It didn’t spark any conversation, but hopefully after opening weekend it sparks something.

The blues of a jazzman sequel potential release date

At the moment there is no information about the sequel The blues of a jazzman because it was a passion project for Perry. He spent over two decades perfecting that script and putting everything together to make this movie work. The movie is so well wrapped that it’s hard to see a sequel to it. It shows the struggles of two lovers going through years of segregation while trying to build a life for themselves.

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The blues of a jazzman sequel cast – who could be in it?

The murder being investigated is that of Bayou (Joshua Boone), so it’s likely he won’t return for the sequel unless he tells the story. The rest of the cast are associated with Bayou and if they get past the investigation into his death, they won’t be in the sequel either. The only person who could move the story forward is Leanne (Solea Pfieffer) because she has her child and the story could be about her grandchildren rediscovering their roots.

The blues of a jazzman sequel plot: what could The blues of a jazzman 2 wear on?

The movie is pretty self-contained and the only way this movie could work is if Bayou’s grandkids are involved. They could delve into their grandfather’s story, not only through investigation, but also the rich history that came with Bayou. It would be a generational story that could explore the world they once knew and compare the world today.

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