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5 series like Shantaram to watch absolutely

October 21, 2022

Apple TV Plus released a popular series starring Charlie Hunman that captured the imagination – here are 5 series like Shantaram you must watch.

Police drama Shantaram stars Charlie Hunnam as Australian convict Lin Ford on the run and adopting a new identity in India. Incredibly, the show is based on a bestselling book that was inspired by real events and follows Lin as he poses as a doctor, working with the lost and broken souls of Mumbai in the 1980s. life has different plans for Lin, and danger, work, love, and redemption are placed before him in this “man on the run” scenario.

5 series like Shantaram to watch absolutely

Banshee (2013)

When an ex-con is released from prison after 15 years, he goes in search of his accomplice and lands in the town of Banshee. However, when the local incoming sheriff is killed, our anonymous protagonist sees an opportunity to steal that identity and start a new life. However, this plan soon proves increasingly difficult as events begin to unfold and threaten his recreated life. It is easy to see how Shantaram compared. In Shantaram, Charlie Hunnam plays an Australian convict trying to start a new life in India, so the basic premise is similar. Whether Shantaram got it, try Banshee.

The Fugitive (2020)

2020’s interesting reimagining of the classic 1960s series gave us a fresh take on a classic format. In The fugitive, an innocent man is framed for an explosion in a city and finds himself on the run and hunted down for a terrible crime. With social media dragging him into an unwinnable battle and authorities hot on his trail, this runaway train of events brings viewers an adrenaline rush of a series that bears similarities to Shantaram. Mistaken identities and a man on the run, in a series with very short episodes, is an easy companion for fans of Shantaram.

The Punisher (2017)

Remember those amazing Netflix Marvel TV shows that focused on the MCU’s darkest street-fighting heroes? Well, me too, and Frank Castle, also known as the punisher, was a violent and relentless crime drama that pulled no punches. The iconic character first appeared in issue #129 of The Amazing Spider-Man, but it took time and a number of creative teams to forge the definitive version of the character we know and love. fans of Shantaram will already know that the man behind The Punisher Netflix show Steven Lightfoot is also the showrunner of Shantaramso you can see a similar tone and rhythm in both shows.

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Mad Men (2007)

Shantaram has a premise that features a protagonist who seeks to change his identity and grow as a person, and the same could probably be said for Don Draper in Mad Men. The charismatic character, played with relish by Jon Hamm, is a mystery shrouded in enigma, and as the show progressed, viewers were completely enamored with the revelations and secrets that formed his character. Exploring the idea of ​​changing identities and hidden past lives makes Mad Men and Shantaram thematically similar, and let’s face it, no excuse to watch Mad Men will always be good.

The Incredible Hulk (1978)

Before the MCU spins Hulk In tall smarty green pants, Lou Ferrigno graced TV sets around the world with his rendition of the unleashed hero. Bill Bixby was also on board, introducing a troubled and anguished Dr. David Banner, desperate to find a cure for his anger-induced transformations.

Each week, Banner changed its name (slightly) and reinvented itself in various cities and towns across the United States. Often, his medical history served him well, and he always offered help to those he encountered. Hunted for a murder he did not commit and relentlessly hunted down by investigative journalist Jack McGee, this tale of a man on the run, changing his identity and seeking peace and redemption, has obvious connections with the Shantaram premise, and while the tone of the two properties is worlds apart, you could do worse than watch some of the early episodes of this magnificent television classic.

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Do you have any other recommendations for shows like Shantaram? Let us know!

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