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5 reasons to watch Heartbreak High (2022) on Netflix

September 12, 2022

This article is about 5 reasons to watch Netflix series Heartbreak High (2022) and contains no spoilers.

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Eight episodes of Raised from heartache are set to premiere on Netflix. The series joins the ranks of Gossip Girl and Saved by Bell like reboots of millennial classics. There is some disparity in opinions on whether the iconic shows should be remade in the first place. Regardless of where you stand in the debate, here are 5 reasons why the new Heartbreak High is worth checking out.

5 reasons to watch Heartbreak High (2022) on Netflix

Reason 1: 90s nostalgia

When the original Heartbreak High hit Australian television nearly two decades ago, it was seen as a breath of fresh air not just in its native Australia, but around the world. The way the show deals with difficult issues facing teenagers was groundbreaking. It sparked conversations about topics like sexuality, race, drug use, and teenage pregnancy. The remake promises to do the same, only for today’s generation. To top it off, the reboot is set in the same universe as the original, and the new characters attend the same fictional school in Sydney, Hartley High.

Reason 2: The creator is a real fan of the original

Hannah Carroll Chapman was just 10 years old when she started watching the original. She’s a fan who entered her teenage years watching the iconic series. His credentials include writing credits for At home and away and Heights. Chapman says she tried to “capture the spirit” of the original while giving the new series its own identity.

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Reason 3: Diversified distribution

The cast includes several rising Australian stars. Ayesha Madon, known for her role in the miniseries Butterfly Effect, plays the lead role, Amerie. Thomas Weatherall, who starred in Home and Away, takes on the role of drug-dealing duck owner Ca$h. Newcomers such as Chloe Hayden, James Majoos and Asher Yasbincek are also part of the ensemble cast.

Reason 4: It looks fun

Judging by the trailer, the show delves into the dramas these characters face while trying to survive their teenage years. The synopsis teases topics such as mending a damaged reputation, love, and sexuality. If you liked Euphoriathis one is probably for you.

Reason 5: Reviews are already raving about it

While we’re still a week away from the official Netflix premiere, Heartbreak High has already garnered rave reviews from the few Australian critics who were able to preview it. If fans of the original are already giving their stamp of approval, the show is probably worth watching over the weekend.

You can watch this series with a Netflix subscription.

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