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5 Horror Movies Based On The Sea Like The Rig

January 7, 2023

Top 5 sea-based horror movies like The Rig appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We discuss 5 horror movies based on the sea like The Rig. Add these great recommendations to your watch list!

The platform is a beleaguered supernatural drama that aired on First video on January 6, 2023. The psychological horror is set on a remote Scottish oil rig, the first Prime series to film in Scotland, and follows the terror of a crew who are stranded on the rig when a mysterious fog stranger arrives and cuts them off from the mainland.

As the force begins to infiltrate the offshore base, the crew begins to descend into madness. This show is shaping up to be a real thrill ride, with an excellent cast and production team on board, including Course of action director John Strickland and actor Martin Compton.

We thought we’d take a little time to find similar cinema premises to whet your appetite, so welcome to this short list of soggy terror stories, just like The Rig.

5 Horror Movies Based On The Sea Like The platform

Ghost Ship (2002)

A salvage team discovers a lost ship in the Bering Sea and investigates. The ship disappeared in 1962 and was a passenger ocean traveler. In the opening scene, a terrible accident leaves the crew and passengers dead, except for young Katie who survives the bizarre incident. When the salvage team arrives on board, they find nine cases of gold bars.

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However, supernatural forces are at work and the team’s own boat is destroyed, stranding them on the ghost ship. Their only option is to repair the failed liner, but the apparitions and specters begin to wreak havoc and disaster on the crew, and things begin to spiral out of control. As The Rig, we seem to find a team under attack by a supernatural force, so although the film was criticized at the time, it might be a good time for a rewatch.

Sphere (1998)

Directed by Barry Levinson and with a star-studded cast including Dustin Hoffman and Sharon Stone, this is mind-bending sci-fi horror based on a book by Michael Crichton. When what looks like a spaceship is discovered at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, speculation swirls about its origin and purpose.

Is it past, present or future? Who did it and why? Is it of extraterrestrial origin? So many questions, and ultimately so many answers, as a team of investigators are sent in to figure out what’s going on. There are plenty of twists and turns in this psychological sci-fi thriller, but not many scares. Again, not critically praised, and the general feeling is that the cast may have been wasted on the material.

Dead Calm (1989)

Once again, this marine thriller has a top-notch cast including Nicole Kidman, Sam Neil and Billy Zane, under the direction of Philip Noyce. John and his wife Rae spend time at sea after a personal tragedy.

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However, they stumble upon a schooner in trouble and end up with a stranger who boards their yacht and needs help. The man, played by Zane, says the rest of the passengers on board died of food poisoning.

However, something goes wrong and when John finds evidence of foul play, a deadly game of cat-and-mouse on the high seas takes place, as the couple fight for their lives. Based on a book by Charles Williams, this taut thriller has great performances from the small cast and some tense moments that are worth watching.

The Lighthouse (2019)

Directed and co-written by Robert Eggers, Lighthouse is a cult classic that would puzzle and fascinate moviegoers upon its limited release. Roughly on both hands with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, he finds two 19th century lighthouse keepers who are stranded on their lighthouse due to a terrible storm.

The film is hard to define, some would say it’s horror, others say it’s a story of survival and psychological drama, but it has certainly captured the imagination of moviegoers everywhere. The top-notch performance and striking black-and-white visuals make it a visual treat, and while perhaps too dense, this unsettling cinematic experience is worth watching.

The Fog (1980)

John Carpenter and Debra Hill wanted to try something different after Halloweenand Fog became a labor of love for the team. However, plagued by poor test screenings and a film company that felt it needed more scares, the film was reworked into the classic, claustrophobic horror flick we know and love today.

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With ghostly pirates, an evil fog, and a city besieged by supernatural forces, it fits right in. The platform and perhaps our top recommendation in this list. It would be redone in 2005, but please don’t watch it unless you’re there obligatory. Stick to the original, then get ready for The platform January 6th.

Do you have any other horror films at sea that we can add to our list like The Rig? We’d love to hear from you below.

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Top 5 sea-based horror movies like The Rig appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.