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5 Anime TV Shows Like Sonic Prime You Need To Watch

December 31, 2022

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We are discussing 5 anime TV shows like Sonic Prime that you must watch. Add these recommendations to your watchlist.

The first season of the highly anticipated Prime Sonic created on netflix mostly rave reviews. Based on the popular Sega video game character sonic the hedgehogthe animated series follows the title character on an action-packed adventure of parallel universes and a rift in the space-time continuum.

Produced by Sega in partnership with Netflix animation, the show should last at least three seasons, but it still needs to be renewed for a second. While you patiently wait for Netflix to decide if a second installment of the series will grace the streaming platform, here are some similar anime shows for you to check out.

5 Anime TV Shows Like Sonic Prime You Need To Watch

Sonic Boom (2014 – 2016)

The CGI animated series was created with its namesake video game. The series features well-known characters Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Knuckles in addition to new characters appearing in the game such as Percy and Mayor Pink. In this iteration, the beloved hedgehog is voiced by Roger Craig Smith, who has been lending his voice to Sonic in games since the 2010s. Sonic Free Riders.

Castlevania (2017 – 2021)

A little darker than the others on this list, Castlevania is based on a popular video game series, just like Prime Sonic. However, this one is probably suitable for a more mature audience. The fantasy series follows a vampire hunter on his quest to end Count Dracula’s reign of terror once and for all. While the show was stuck in development limbo for years, it premiered to critical acclaim and it ended up having a successful four-season run, all available to stream today on Netflix.

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Sonic X (2003-2005)

sonic x is one of the most controversial series based on the speedy blue hedgehog due to its filming in America. However, the stories and excellent animation made the series the best-selling anime outside of Japan. The show’s premise finds Sonic accidentally sent to Earth where he must find a way to get him and his friends home safely.

Super Mario World (1991)

While the mario franchise has inspired several animated television shows and films, it is the only fully animated series to hit small screens. It is also the only Super Mario animated series to feature an unaltered soundtrack during home press releases. The series aired 13 episodes before its early cancellation.

Pokémon the Series (1997 – )

Possibly one of the oldest anime of all time, pokemon the series is also credited with being the first to make the Japanese genre popular with Western audiences. The show is about a young boy who had to find and train cute monsters called Pokémon and is part of a giant media franchise that includes video games, role-playing card games, comic books, and several spinoffs. Thanks to its popularity, you can stream this series on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video.

Do you have any other recommendations for anime TV shows like Sonic Prime? Let us know!

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The post 5 Anime TV Shows Like Sonic Prime You Must Watch appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.