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5 Anime TV Shows Like Paradise PD You Must Watch

December 31, 2022

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We are discussing 5 anime TV shows like Paradise PD that you must watch. Add these recommendations to your watchlist.

Animated police procedure Paradise PD managed to gain a dedicated following over its four seasons. The exploits of a fundamentally dysfunctional police department, and the various characters who operate within it, managed to run forty episodes before ultimately being canceled. With the show not renewed, we wondered if there was something else out there that could fill the void. So here are five suggestions you need to watch if you were a fan of Paradise PD.

5 Anime TV Shows Like Paradise PD You Must Watch

Brickleberry (2012)

This animated series must be up to the task since it was created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, who would also be the creators of Paradise PD. Set in a ramshackle state park in the fictional Hazlehurst, the show is truly a precursor to Paradise PD, and the characters and their exploits form the narrative of the show. There are three seasons and a special to catch up on in case you missed it when it first appeared in 2012, and the special is a crossover with Paradise PDtherefore essential for fans of the series.

Mr. Pickles (2014)

It’s hard, because the premise is absolutely insane. Developed for Adult Swim by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart, the story follows the Goodman family and the romantic relationship between 6-year-old son Tommy and the family’s Collie dog. Mr. Pickles. However, Mr. Pickles is actually a demonic, almost Lovecraftian presence, and takes great pleasure in gruesomely murdering helpless victims who come across his or Tommy’s path.

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It seems Tommy’s grandfather has an idea of ​​the demonic dog’s terrifying secret, but for everyone else, Mr. Pickles is an affectionate pet. Violent funny and disturbing, Mr. Pickles is one of the weirder anime shows out there, but it’s oddly watchable and well worth a watch, restricted to mature audiences.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000)

Another adult swim show, this cult hit animated series also spawned a movie and went through a few format changes over its staggering eleven-season run. Featuring three main anthropomorphic fast food products, Master Shake, Meatwad and Frylock, the surreal and often hilarious show followed the adventures of the super team who live in their ramshackle house in a typical sitcom environment.

They’re besieged by aliens, villains, and neighbors and each episode is pretty much self-contained, though there are a number of recurring characters. Even beginning to describe the tone of this show is beyond me, your best bet is to check it out for yourself. I should probably mention that there are a lot of controversial episodes that might trigger some viewers, so step into that world carefully.

Hoops (2020)

Ben Hopkins is the coach of his basketball team and believes that if he can somehow take his team to the next level, his life will improve along with it. Rude Hopkins is a rude and loud character played by Jake Johnson, also producer of the series, which was created by Ben Hoffman. The show was hammered by critics, with many seeing the crude humor and sledgehammer as unfunny and without nuance, so Netflix canceled it after its first season. However, if you’re a fan of character-based animated comedy, you might want to check it out.

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Lucas Bros. Moving Company (2013)

This animated show, created by the titular brothers themselves, follows the twins as they attempt to operate a moving business. Based on the real-life experiences of the Lucas brothers, in their roles as cable TV installers, the show aired on Fox and managed to air two seasons, with season one having six episodes and season two having numbered eleven. The work-shy, marijuana-smoking twins calmly stumble through their day, encountering various obstacles and having surreal adventures.

Do you have any other recommendations for anime TV shows like Paradise PD? Let us know!

The post 5 Anime TV Shows Like Paradise PD You Must Watch appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.