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28 Days Haunted season 1, episode 6 recap – ending explained

October 24, 2022

We recap the Netflix series 28 Days Haunted season 1, episode 6, “Piercing the Veil,” which contains spoilers and discusses the ending.

Thus, a title card informs us that Jérôme has been transported to the hospital for his safety. I still don’t know why this happened. If you’ve read these recaps, you may have felt that my engagement in the process has slowly slipped into complete disinterest in what’s going on.

What may surprise you is that when it comes to the paranormal, I like that kind of stuff.

However, this show ran at a snail’s pace, provided nothing of interest, and did more to convince me that psychic investigators are just garbage.

In nearly 28 days of constant filming in some of the most haunted locations, there has been no evidence of any real paranormal activity, and the amateur drama of the cast of characters involved has reinforced my utter skepticism of of the kind. I now firmly believe that this is actually a clever ruse of netflix to disprove the nature of psychics rather than prove their abilities, as this experiment in a so-called 28 day cycle of paranormal events was a complete and utter waste of time.

28 Days Haunted season 1, episode 6 recap – ending explained

It’s been 9 hours since Jereme was rushed to the hospital, and Brandy has been up all night. She fears that a demon attacked him or that he had a heart attack. Upon his very low-key return, Brandy asks what happened and he says, “Some things are better not to say.”

Jereme thinks he broke free from possession. Woohoo. Apparently he had symptoms of a heart attack, but doctors found no evidence of this. They then go to bed. Fortunately, Jereme feels much better. On day 26, Jerome prepares for a final conflict.

Studio-bound Aaron tries to get us interested and explains the Warrens the investigations parallel the experiences of the teams.

In Preston, at Captain Grant’s Inn, it is now day 27. Psychic Sean has now concluded that a portal has opened and has trapped many spirits in their location. Sean believes mirrors are pathways for spirits to escape our realm and thinks that by blessing mirrors they can let spirits go. Where it comes from, I don’t know. How this information was obtained, I do not know. But it’s the narrative that’s been set to wrap up the most boring psychic investigation in history, so might as well run with it.

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back in Madison Dry Goods, Brandy gives Jereme a pep talk and asks him to clean the house in his role as a demonologist. Jereme is gearing up and getting ready for his big moment.

It’s night 28, and the three teams are setting up their own third final act. In on-camera plays, our teams try to create a sense of drama in their locations. The spirit boxes are ready, bumps are heard in the night, and psychic Sean says the Lord’s Prayer. A chair, off camera, falls down the stairs. Other tremors are heard and a door slams alone.

To Wood Baron’s Inn, the team is back in the basement cellar, they are looking for clues under their feet when the boys hear a scream. Ironically, the only one who does not hear anything is the clairvoyant Amy. In the wall, Ray discovers an old newspaper clipping. He recounts another murder, and the team believes it was hidden there by the girls’ killer, and certainly not hidden by the production crew. Shane then announces that “everything is falling into place now”. Oh good? They deduce that the killer must have been hiding there. They climb through the manhole tunnel and out into the street.

Back at Madison Dry Goods, Jereme attempts to thwart Charlie’s evil spirit. The usual tremors are heard. Then, hilariously, when a scream is heard, Brandy moves like Scooby Doo, running out of the room yelling, “I’m done.” If I’m being honest, I expected more from these paranormal investigators.

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Back at Captain Grant’s, it’s almost 2 a.m. and the cleaning of all the mirrors has begun. The team walks around the house and Windexes the mirrors with holy water. They end up in the bedroom and the spirit box says, “I’m home.” This appears to appease the team who hope the prayers have freed spirits, in the least dramatic conclusion to an inquest ever recorded.

Back in Madison, Jereme gets his fill of Nicholas Cage and Brandy stands downstairs on the sidelines. More noises don’t deter Jereme, and something falls off a shelf. The second most paranormal thing that has happened. Jereme now earns his reward by banishing the spirit. Brandy reminds her from downstairs, “It’s not a joke.”

At the Lumber Baron Inn they are back with the candles, they thank the ghosts and Shane concludes that the dead girls wanted the team to know that the killer had killed other people, Shane hopes the investigation will help reopen the case. case or something like that.

By day 29, it looks like the groups are ready to go. Studio Aaron then tries to fix the issues with more exposure. He believes that the 28-day theory has been validated. It recaps the events of the previous 28 days, and in case viewers have fallen asleep, it recounts that Shane discovered his psychic talent.

Psychic Shane brings flowers to Adelaide’s ghostly grave and delivers a speech. Aaron believes that Captain Grant’s Inn was unprecedented, and loud collisions and broken glass mean a final battle has taken place.

At Madison Dry Goods, Brandy is still doing well and wants to log on one more time to see if the mother figure has been helped. She concludes that what they did worked because the house seems lighter. Jerome is happy to leave. They go to the cemetery where the bodies of this poor family are buried, needless to say they must have googled it rather than found it psychically.

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Brandy has a teary-eyed farewell. Studio Aaron recaps the events and validates everything the investigators had done. In conclusion, Aaron and Tony feel that everything was a success, but they say they have to do it again to prove the theory works. In other words, they’re praying for a second season.

Now, incredibly, the production team actually inserted a final scene, with Brandy at least saying they banished an evil spirit, but there’s a close-up of Jereme looking directly at the camera with an evil face, that which almost implies that he can still be possessed. It was obviously staged, but the issue here is that if the production team feels that a cliched horror movie ending can be inserted, then what else was staged in this production?

The end

The final shot of Jereme looking at the camera pretty much sums up this entire production. This reality-based hokum has had a chance to examine the paranormal world of ghostly investigation, but there’s absolutely no balance given as the stories unfold. There is no doubt given that things are not what they seem, and every effort has been made to ensure that the viewer believes every second of the footage that has been recorded. I would dare say that this type of cinema does nothing to elevate the community it is trying to showcase, and this type of biased, one-sided presentation has no viable substance and therefore destroys the very point it is trying to assert. It was an idea that went nowhere, presented in a cheap and underwhelming way that proves nothing to anyone.

What did you think of Season 1, Episode 6 and the ending of 28 Days Haunted? Comments below.

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