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10 TV Shows Like Woman Of The Dead You Need To Watch

January 10, 2023

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We discuss 10 TV shows like Woman of the Dead that you need to watch. Check out these great recommendations.

There is a thriller on netflix located in a quirky little town full of secrets. When her husband is killed before her eyes, Brunhilde Blum sets out on a path of revenge, and in her attempts to find her husband’s killer, she unknowingly begins to unravel the deepest mysteries of the town where she runs his funeral home.

Weird and bizarre, with a menacing look. this show is a revenge tale with lots of twists and turns, and we wondered where the inspiration for this weird and unsettling show came from, so without further ado, here are our ten recommendations for shows like Woman of the Dead.

10 TV Shows Like Woman Of The Dead You Need To Watch

1. Twin Peaks (1990)

When you have a city full of secrets in your premise and a murder mystery at the heart of the story, it’s hard not to think of Mark Frost and David Lynch and twin peaks. The show left its mark on popular culture forever, and who killed Laura Palmer was the question on everyone’s lips in the early 1990s. Plagued by controversy and studio interference, the series broke new ground, mixing soap opera and supernatural horror. It’s quite simply one of the best TV shows ever made, and fans of Woman of the Dead should check it out.

2. Easttown Mare (2021)

Kate Winslet is outstanding as a detective in another small town in midtown America, investigating a murder while turning the plates of her tangled personal life. With a strong female protagonist looking for a mysterious death, it’s easy to see the comparison to Woman of the Dead. With a no-nonsense look at life in this working-class environment, the series has been critically acclaimed and, at seven episodes, it’s an excellent binge watch.

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3.Broadchurch (2013-2017)

Here’s a rare UK entry on the list, featuring an ex, and somehow still present, Doctor Who David Tennant and Olivia Colman. This murder mystery set in a fictional small coastal town in the UK has gripped crime drama fans with its depiction of heartbreak and the effects on the townspeople themselves. As Woman of the Dead, the town begins to fall apart as the investigation continues. leading to a second series.

4. The Sinner (2017)

Starring Bill Pullman, this series was based on a German novel titled The fisherman by Petra Hammeshfahr. In the show, we follow the stories of Detective Harry Ambrose who solves a murder using his unique skills. The show gives the viewer a personal look at the process from the perspective of the protagonist, much like Woman of the Dead, and this American show comes highly recommended for fans of the genre.

5. The Stranger (2020)

The murder of a young boy sparks an investigation in this supernatural thriller starring Jason Bateman. Again, the frame of the show is parallel Woman of the Dead, with its exploration of small town life, and the characters and secrets it uncovers. Maybe more Twin peaks-inspired, however, the stranger veers into the more supernatural elements, but there are similar themes in both shows, making it a must-watch for our recommendations. The show was based on a Stephen King novel, and while a second season looked promising, it still hasn’t materialized.

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6. Frontier City (2016-2020)

This Finnish crime drama has a lot in common with Woman of the Dead. Stylistically, this story of Detective Kari Sorjonen moving to a small town and investigating crimes there has a similar feel and look to Woman of the Dead. Tone-wise, this show is part of what we’ve come to know as Nordic Noir, and the three seasons available now are worth watching.

7. Sharp Objects (2018)

A reporter returns to her hometown to uncover the truth behind the murder of two girls who lived there. Based on Gillian Flynn’s novel, this miniseries successfully cast Amy Adams as the bizarre Camille Preaker, who must navigate the murky depths of the town she once lived in and her own troubled past to uncover what secrets are hidden. buried there. The flawed and psychologically damaged female protagonist has a lot in common with Brumhilde Blum, making her an obvious choice for our list.

8. Top of the Lake (2013-2017)

Created and written by Jane Campion and Gerard Lee, top of the lake is a crime drama that follows the story of Detective Robin Griffin as he tries to uncover the horrific truth behind the disappearance of a young pregnant girl in New Zealand. As her investigation progresses, she must deal with disturbing revelations and juggle her own personal issues along the way. It is easy to see the links with Woman of the Dead, but you should note that this show has themes that some viewers may find disturbing.

9. Dead Wind (2018-2021)

Here is another entry for our list that falls under the Nordic Noir category. Sofia Karppi investigates the murder of a woman after a body is found on a building site in Helsinki. Sofia has to look into the case, but the closer she looks. the more she reveals, including a web of corruption and lies that reaches the highest levels of society. With stunning scenery and a great track, there are a lot of similarities between our two shows, so it’s a must see if you’re a fan of Woman of the Dead.

10. Happy Valley (2014-2023)

We had to include it in our list because it might not be on many crime drama fans’ radar, but this British show fan favorite is a huge hit and has just wrapped up another broadcast on the BBC. Written and created by Sally Wainwright, the show follows the story of Catherine Cawood, a police officer in the troubled Calder Valley of West Yorkshire, played by Sarah Lancashire, as she deals with her own tragic past while trying to solve kidnappings and murders. along the way. There are three seasons of the series to go through, and the strong character development and arcs are the real attraction here. Beautifully scripted and acted, it’s a jewel in the crown of British crime drama, and if this show has eluded you so far, we encourage you to check it out.

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Do you have any other recommendations for TV shows like Woman of the Dead? Let us know!

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