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10 best and hottest movies like 365 days

February 12, 2023

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It’s time to warm up as we discuss the 10 best and hottest movies like 365 Days that you need to watch. Add these movies to your watchlist.

365 days is a romantic drama film about netflix. It follows Massimo, a Sicilian mafia family member who kidnaps a woman named Laura and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. As the two eventually begin an intimate relationship, they fall victim to the ongoing conflict in Massimo’s family.

365 days, with its consequences 365 days: this day And The next 365 days, reached a huge global audience and became widely known for its erotic scenes and thrilling storyline. If you liked the movie and crave more with the same hot and sultry elements, here are 10 more movies like 365 days You’ll like it.

10 best and hottest movies like 365 days

Fifty Shades of Gray (2015)

An incredibly popular yet controversial film, Fifty shades of Grey follows a student, Anastasia, who interviews a wealthy and powerful man, Christian, for her college newspaper. She unexpectedly falls in love with him and is drawn into his venereal lifestyle, which is full of sexual servitude but devoid of romantic and emotional attraction. Their sexual relationship is challenged when Anastasia seeks more than this deviant affair, but Christian’s psychology prevents her from reciprocating.

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Fifty shades of Grey And 365 days are probably on the same level when it comes to their erotic nature and graphic scenes. They both dwell on the couples’ sexual encounters while highlighting the impending threats that will come to ruin them.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2022)

Lady Chatterley’s Lover is a steamy period drama about a wealthy, privileged woman who falls in love with her husband. She becomes sexually involved with the game warden at their estate and the two engage in an illicit affair. If you liked eroticism 365 days was, you will be happy to read that Lady Chatterley’s Lover has frequent sex scenes and nudity.

After (2019)

As 365 days And Fifty shades of Grey, After features an innocent and inexperienced woman who finds herself captivated by a rebellious and troubled man. Tessa meets a bad boy named Hardin when she enters college. She quickly discovers the pleasures and complications that come with it.

Hardin and Tessa’s sexual encounters open her up to a whole new world of possibilities and convince her to break up with her high school boyfriend. Their torrid affairs continue in After sequels, After our collision, After our fall And After always happy.

9 and a Half Weeks (1986)

romantic drama film 9 1/2 weeks follows the relationship between a Wall Street trader and an art gallery assistant that quickly turns sexual. The two have a passionate affair full of bondage and other naughty scenarios. However, the woman becomes unhappy that she knows nothing about her partner’s life. The relationship gets complicated because she has to decide what she wants to do with it.

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New (2017)

Novelty follows a couple who meet on a dating app and challenge the hookup culture that surrounds them. After making a deep connection and exploring their intimate romantic relationship, they end up looking for something more. Both experience the novelty of trying an open relationship.

The couples in Novelty And 365 days explore the unique circumstances of their respective relationships. They present the grievances and tumult of living in an unfamiliar type of relationship that could break them or make them stronger.

6 years (2015)

6 years follows Mel and Dan’s long-term relationship, which has grown volatile and violent. If the eventful progression of the relationship between Massimo and Laura in 365 days kept you on the edge of your seat on what happens next, you’ll likely be invested in the tribulations Mel and Dan face after being together for 6 years.

Bitter (2017)

Amar follows the fragility of first love. In the relationship of young Laura and Carlos, the complications of their individual lives gradually dissolve their naive ideas about romance. If you liked the intimacy of 365 days, you’ll love watching the affectionate scenes between Laura and Carlos in Amar.

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Blue is the hottest color is another erotic romance film that will intrigue you if you liked 365 days. It follows a young woman named Adele, who falls in love with a blue-haired woman named Emma. Their passionate relationship allows Adele to explore her sexuality and find her identity. The film has an NC-17 rating for explicit sexual content.

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Cruel Intentions (1999)

Two half-siblings make a deal to take the virginity of an innocent girl named Annette. If successful, the sister-in-law will win her brother-in-law’s expensive car. The half-brother will finally get what he always wanted: her. cruel intentions follows 365 days story of manipulating an innocent woman and having secrets that will inevitably come to light.

Deadly Illusions (2021)

The erotic thriller Deadly illusions follows the marriage between Mary and Tom, who are both sexually attracted to their nanny Grace. Mary seems to dream erotic things about Grace and her husband that she isn’t sure are real or her imagination. Among her sexual fantasies, Mary begins to discover that Grace may not be who she claims to be.

Do you have any other recommendations for the hottest and best movies like 365 Days? Let us know!

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The post 10 Best & Hottest Movies Like 365 Days appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.