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YOU’RE LOST SEASON 2: WILL IT RETURN? Release date and everything you need to know

July 22, 2021

Sounan Desu Ka is definitely one of those ecchi series that viewers have enjoyed watching. She never goes too far and only revolves around four teenagers who are stranded on an island. Following the completion of its first season, fans are now asking to see season 2 of Are You Lost. They really liked the unconventional way their protagonists used to solve problems. So when will fans be able to see more episodes? Here are the final details.

Are You Lost, also known as Sounan Deku ka in Japanese, is an ecchi adventure anime series. It is an adaptation of the manga series of the same title by Kentaro Okamoto. Animation studio Ezola hosted the first season of this anime. Viewers watched the debut of this series on July 2, 2019, although it ran for a total of twelve episodes before ending on September 17, 2019.

Are You Lost Season 2: Update Status!

The inaugural episode of this series received a positive response from both fans and critics. Viewers really appreciated that it doesn’t rely on typical harem relationships like other ecchi series. Sounan desu Ka did not have a main male character. Each episode of this anime is structured to feature different survival stories. The series currently has a score of 6.60 on MyAnimeList.

His overall score is pretty average, but his popularity is too high. He has over 122,000 members in his group MAL. Fortunately, the production company has more than enough source material to create season 2 of Are You Lost, as the author has already published eight books. Therefore, the directors have no reason to cancel the series. Therefore, fans can expect the green flag to be waved very soon.

Sounan Desu Ka: Plot Details

The plot of Are You Lost revolves around four high school girls named Homare, Mutsu, Asuka, and Shion. They were going on a school trip. However, their plane crashed and they ended up on a remote island. With the exception of Homare, all three began to panic. Fortunately, Homare has some survival skills as he has faced these kinds of situations before. Her father was a survivor and she spent her childhood training with him. For Homare, surviving on this island was a piece of cake, but the main problem was with the other girls. Thus, Homare guides his group through the finer points of survival. They even drink fish blood and eat cicadas to survive. Soon the girls realize that being stranded on an island is not as bad as they thought.

Are You Lost Season 2: Release Date

Fans have already waited two years, and it seems like they have to wait at least another year and a half. If the renewal takes place this year, Season 2 of Are You Lost could air in late 2022. We will update this section as soon as the official date is known.