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Young Lady and Gentleman’ Episode 38 Review: Why Fans Condemn Park Soo Cheol’s Action Against Park Dan Dan

February 1, 2022

Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Se Hee’s K-drama Young Lady and Gentleman is now gaining traction, despite the criticism it is receiving. In fact, many Young Lady and Gentleman condemn episode 38 for being too harsh.

Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 38 was heavily criticized for Park Dan Dan (Lee Se Hee) being locked in their room by his father, Park Soo Cheol (Lee Jong Won). Here’s what really happened in that scene.

Park Soo Cheol is really against his daughter’s decision to date Lee Young Kook (Ji Hyun Woo). Not only is he 14 years older than her. He is also a single father who has three children.

So, to stop Park Dan Dan from dating Lee Young Kook, Park Soo Cheol is willing to take any measures – even the desperate ones. So he violently grabs his child and throws it into his room.

He then puts a lock on her door and tells his family not to open the door, no matter what the reason. His wife protests and asks if locking up their child is the solution to everything, but this falls on deaf ears.

The lockdown continues, and the next day Park Soo Cheol explains why he did it. He says at breakfast that Park Dan Dan doesn’t want to listen to his words, so he puts them into practice.

He even asks everyone not to give her anything to eat because making her hungry might make her break up with Lee Young Kook. On the other hand, Lee Young Kook’s kids can’t help but cry when they hear about Park Dan Dan being locked up in Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 38.

AllKpop noted that these scenes made fans uncomfortable. Viewers criticize the way Park Soo Cheol and Park Dan Dan’s sequence is executed, saying it is disturbing and shows the archaic depiction of domestic violence.

Despite the criticism, there’s no denying that many love the series. In fact, it’s now getting positive reviews on Google, which are full of praise for the storyline and cast.

One fan said she fell in love with and even became obsessed with the series. She praised the performers for playing their respective roles perfectly, adding that their acting was brilliant.

Even the children know how to convey their emotions in a remarkable way and make the audience laugh, cry and even get excited. Following Young Lady and Gentleman Episode 38, Episodes 39 and 40 will air on Saturday and Sunday, February 5th and 6th.