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Yoon Hong Bin believes the Itaewon stampede could have been avoided after witnessing the tragic event firsthand

October 31, 2022

Yoon Hong Bin recounted his horrifying first-hand experience witnessing the tragic stampede in Itaewon on Saturday, October 29 that killed over 150 people. The actor believes that the unfortunate event could have been avoided if only the authorities had guided people accordingly.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol declared national mourning after stampedes in Itaewon during Halloween celebrations in Seoul left 153 dead and 82 injured. The victims were reportedly mostly young people wearing their Halloween costumes.

In a post on Sunday, October 30 via AllKpop Yoon Hong Bin revealed that he didn’t hear people shove and shove scream at the same time. Then he noticed that the police were only on the main street, while the crowd had already gathered at the back of the street without anyone trying to fix the line on International Cuisine Street.

He went outside to smoke and saw people being taken to the ambulance while officers on the street administered CPR because they couldn’t take everyone into the ambulance. He could hear some begging their loved ones to wake up.

Unfortunately, the 28-year-old star only saw one person resuscitated, which he also helped to administer CPR. Then he admitted that he couldn’t get the person he was trying to help.

Yoon Hong Bin went on to say that this tragedy could have been avoided and was entirely avoidable given the early signs. He knows how diligent the police are, but he thinks it’s a pity that nobody thought of leading the people in the middle from one side.

He just hoped everyone would work to ensure something like this never happened again by focusing on how it happened.

Korean Prime Minister Han Duck Soo on Monday, October 31, pledged to conduct a thorough investigation into the stampede in Itaewon. The tragic event left not only dead, but also injured 149, 33 of whom are in serious condition.

The ordeal began as tens of thousands of people crowded the narrow streets and alleys of Seoul’s famed Itaewon district to attend the first in-person Halloween celebrations in three years. Many of the partygoers were reportedly in their teens and donned their costumes.

Eyewitnesses reported that chaos erupted when people poured into a particularly narrow and crooked alleyway, even though it was already full. On Monday, people began laying white chrysanthemums, drinks and candles at a small makeshift altar at the exit of Itaewon subway station to commemorate the victims.

Shops and cafes were closed and police cordoned off the premises, which were littered with the aftermath of the incident. Schools, kindergartens and businesses have all canceled their Halloween events, as have K-pop concerts, events and government meetings.