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Yoon Chan Young dreams of appearing in this high school reality show

February 2, 2022

The Netflix series All of Us Are Dead mainly features new faces that are now attracting attention worldwide. One of them is Yoon Chan Young, who plays the role of Cheong San. Although he’s not all that new, he has dreamed of starring in a series about high school students.

Although Yoon Chan Young is no longer in high school and is now 22 years old, his baby face makes him look younger than he really is. Despite this, he played his role perfectly in All of Us Are Dead and even dreamed of joining Mnet’s High School Rapper at the time.

In a 2018 interview unearthed by Sports Dong-A, via AllKpop, the young actor revealed that he often sang and rapped with his friends. He liked rapping so much that he considered joining High School Rapper.

Although he never wrote a song professionally, he only wanted to appear in the reality series. Unfortunately, the Mothers star didn’t get a chance after his company stopped him.

However, once he saw High School Rapper 2 and realized they were all good, he knew he had to rise to the challenge. I need practice, he said.

According to Den of Geek, Yoon Chan Young is one of the youngest cast members of All of Us Are Dead. But before joining this hit Netflix series, he had already made his mark as an actor.

He started out as a child actor in 2013. He’s now in his mid-20s and has an extensive filmography to his credit, including Everything and Nothing and Pluto Squad. He will also be starring in the upcoming high school noir romance Juvenile Delinquency.

Speaking about auditioning for the epic zombie series, Yoo Chan Young revealed that director Lee Jae Kyoo sent him a very poetic message, Soompi revealed. Before they started the project, the filmmaker wrote a note that said, Don’t let the rain get you wet. Carpe Diem, and the contender made it his phone wallpaper.

He also spoke about the show’s unique charm and revealed that it made him think about his high school life. He even wondered how he would survive a real zombie apocalypse if it happened at his school back then.

That’s why he believes All of Us Are Dead is a drama that captures that kind of situation. Now that the series is being watched worldwide, Yoo Chan Young is dreaming of getting soccer player Son Heung Min’s attention after Dele Alli uploaded a scene from Squid Game starring Lee Yoo Mi to social media which made him jealous.